STNA Ohio. Where may I work with my cna licence?

  1. After, I have my CNA license, where may I work?
    May i work as a home health aide or do I have to go into another program?

    There are many names for CNAS and most hold the same jobs but in different settings.

    Cnas work in LTC and hospitals, anywhere else?

    Please explain the differences between PCTS CNAS and other aides?

    Also, the differnt places I could work?

    THank youu
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  3. by   nurse12b
    I worked in Columbus Ohio as a CNA/PCA/TECH/STNA all mean the same thing it depends on where you are working. I liked working at the rehab and subacute institute I enjoyed it because it had a hospital setting and you gained alot of experiance helping the nurse change some wicked cool bandages. Once the feel cufortable with you assisting them they may let you change some bandages and they watch you. You can work for an agency and work at hospitals thru them I have worked in ER, ICU, telemitry, med surge and home health. I hope I helped good luck let me know how it goes.
  4. by   AprilRosedw
    i worked in columbus ohio as a cna/pca/tech/stna all mean the same thing it depends on where you are working.

    so, i may work as cna/pca/tech/stna. my license will be for stna tech and pca?

    thank you very helpful.

    did you like working by agency?
  5. by   nurse12b
    Yes you can work as a pca tech.
    I liked working for and agency because you can work several place and get alot of experience and if you don't like where they send you, you don't have to go back. And some of them pay you right away. The agency that I worked for I worked nights and when I got off I would go get paid for the night I just worked. The only thing is that agency work is not dependable if I were you I would work PRN (as needed) a few differant places just so you won't be with out work.
  6. by   ohiocleveland
    in ohio the state only recognizes stna (state tested nursing assistant). when working at hospitals you are considered a pca (patient care assistant) or pct (patient care technician) cna (certified nursing assistant) in ohio you are not certified, you are state tested. however, given all the titles above you are still considered an stna. it's just that in different settings your title changes. [color=#7f7f7f]

    in addition, hospital's have their training program for pca/pct as most hospital in ohio doesn't require you to have a stna or maintain it after employment. also keep in mind that the stna training program was developed under federal and state regulations which established training and testing requirements for all nurse aides who work in medicare/medicaid certified long term care facilities. when you are working outside of a nursing home make sure your employer reports that you are employed in a stna position to the odh (ohio department of health).

    you can also view the odh website at which will take you the nurse aide page.

    i hope this helps you!
  7. by   ohiocleveland
    Sorry, I forgot to answer the rest of your question. As the other member stated above STNA's can work in the following settings: LTC, ALF, Hosp, Clinics, HH, agency. It's just that some hosp require 6 mos to 1 yr exp before the will hire you or go through their training.
  8. by   ohiogyrl
    From my experience you can work anywhere as an STNA (state tested nursing assistant) but are limited if you are a cna (you just finished the class but haven't passed the state test) CNA's can work in hhc and assisted living.
  9. by   kishagil3
    hey im moving to columbus ohio at the end of october from november....if someone can please explain to me i got a little confused....i am a cna in nyc you can only work in a nursing home or hospital seeting if you are a cna not home health aide...the requirement in ny is you go to school,then take a test given by the state upon passin you are state certifed/liscence to work...i had my liscence now for 4 years and because im relocation i didn something called reciprocity with ohio state ad recieve my ohio "certificate" my question is am i certified or only stated tested what is the difference in ohio standards and where can i work and where can i start looking for a job that will hire me also interested in lpn school but im just asking about the job hunt first......any reply will be aprreciated .....thank you.