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Steps in becoming a CNA in California

  1. 0 Hello! Forgive me if this is not the correct section. I'm a BSN Graduate. Waiting to hear from Sacramento BON for my sit down for nclex? I plan to work as a CNA in the meantime, I'm located in Northern California. Where can I take the classes or info? What do I need to learn or expect or what do I qualify to be a CNA. Any advice/info/help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your guys replies!
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    Check your community colleges. There should be one near you that has the classes. There may be some programs run by the city's vocational adult education programs that do it for a small fee, and are probably shorter.

    I search of the community college district in your area shows that CNA classes are available at American River.
    Los Rios Community College District - Class Schedule Search
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    I'm in a CNA training program now. This is my last week. Woohoo! I checked this site for programs in my area: Aide / Technician

    The training is really simple, basic, common sense stuff. If you're waiting to take your NCLEX this will be a piece of cake for you.
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    Thanks, that helps me too since their lists are statewide.


    Continuing Education:
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    If you're a BSN graduate, you should be able to work as a CNA without taking any classes. You already know much more than they would teach you in a CNA course. Many hospitals and LTCs (in San Diego) advertise they want CNA or 1 year completion of a nursing program in order to qualify for the position.

    If I were you, I'd start calling places that are hiring. Tell them your education level and your desire to work as a CNA.
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    Thanks fiestymama for ur reply, I gotta take a 90$ exam , skills and written. Waiting to hear from them soon...
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    I'm not sure if you need to take a Cna class, since you have completed your bsn. If you need to, check out sac med. they have short term Cna classes. When I went there, they were easy to get into and the cheapest I could find.

    Charles jones also offers Cna classes, as does curam (I think)
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    Yes I agree with vintagemother, most CNA jobs I've looked into require either completion of an accredited BSN program or a CNA license. Since you've graduated already you should be good to go! The VHA is hiring in San Francisco if you're interested btw:

    ood luck!
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    I saw a job posting on the John Muir career page for a CNA position in Walnut Creek! John Muir is an excellent hospital and if you can get your foot in, that would really help you later on!