seasoned cnas with 20 years plus, advice from seasoned aides only

  1. First of all I want to say that January will make my 6 year mark as an aide, now my questions. I work 6 to 2 and I'm pretty fast and b give good care, but I needed advice on what I should do, we have until 7 30 to get our residents to the dining room, but I have showers to do and rooms need to be clean for dept heads to do rounds, I was wondering, from the experienced aides, how do yall work so quick and have residents looking great, my coworkers say I am good but I wanna be as great as an older aide. So how do I get things done in a timely manner and have my hall looking great? I wanna make my residents Hall look awesome and make them feel like they are getting great care. Also if you have to have people in the dining room by 7 30 would you do showers after breakfast or a few before? Given we have one shower room and have to have the rooms looking nice before 8? Help please ladies Thanks
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  3. by   pookyp
    I was an aide for 10 years. If the residents could make decisions, I would ask them if they would like a shower before or after breakfast. Usually I know my residents, so I would do the showers first for ppl who wanted them in the am (mostly the patients who couldn't make decisions) then as they are In the dining room tidy up the room.

    Does EVERYONE have to go in the dining hall at your facility? How many pt's do you normally have?
  4. by   Devin_Campos
    I have about 3 people that are not all there and about 15 pts, or of those 3 the rest Are in their mind so I save them for after breakfast, but they are all men so that being said their room s are kind of cluttered so I have to Supreme time cleaning up, plus I have v always wanted my hall t to look nice, does getting things done quickly come with doing n or for so long? I started at this facility on the 20th so I'm still trying to find my Groove on the hall
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    And majority of the people go to the dining room by the way ma'm
  6. by   pookyp
    So can you tidy while they're in the dining hall?
  7. by   Devin_Campos
    No, as soon as 7 30 hits we have to serve trays, but what about this, I shower one to two guys before breakfast and get the other guys up, and clean as I go along. I mean when can I be as great as the other aides? Does it take time?
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  9. by   JDZ344
    I would say shower a few before. Tidy as you get the residents up. Maybe shower until 6.50-7.00. Do the easier ones. Then spend 20 minutes or so tidying, assuming you can get your people to the dining room in 10 minutes. Do the breakfasts, and then finish your showers with the more difficult people to shower.
  10. by   Devin_Campos
    Ok well how do you get faster at t
    hat kind of work ? How is it the older aides are so quick
  11. by   JDZ344
    I guess as you go you find the most efficient way of working. Right now, just worry about doing everything right. Speed will come later.
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  12. by   Missingyou
    Sometimes we just have to move quickly and not converse much() with the residents beyond immediate needs.
    It's the little chit chats that delay you. (A 1 min. chat x's 10 residents can set you back 10 minutes. You can do alot in 10 minutes!)

    Do things like tidy up a room while resident is on the toilet,or while your waiting for your hallmate to help w transfer.

    At the begining of the shift, get all your linens and clothes ready. When you're checking on resident, grab a brief out and anything else you'll need later, and set it at the bottom of the closet so it'll be ready to grab.

    If a resident can dress somewhat themselves given enough time(even just pulling off/on a shirt), set that out for them and ask them to get started. Leave them, go toilet someone else/transport someone else, etc. Then go back and finish the original resident that started dressing....

    I have learned over the years that when you are short staff or have so much to do, you unfortantely have to move quickly and it sometimes leaves no time to "chat" with the person you are caring for. It is what I like least about my job, but sometimes it's necessary in order to meet everyone's needs that day.
  13. by   Devin_Campos
    Ok so missing you, how is it you guys are pros. I want to be Like that, like today, I had so many showers and we only have a few shower rooms so we have to share, I mean today I did last round at 1 and did 2 showers all before 2pm. How do I get them done before lunch, like what would you do as soon as you came in. As soon as our feet hit the hall its non stop power walking up till 2, any advice on how to get everything done before lunch. I have non shower people up from 6 am and showers to do still, so who should I do at 9 first? My people changed first or finish showers then pad round?
  14. by   Missingyou
    It may not be a matter of what you do, and when you do it.
    Other than what I already mentioned above, I would say that my hallmate and everyone on the unit work VERY well together. We communicate with each other. Decide who will do showers when, and if it changes, that is also communicated. We help each other out with transfers. If I can't get my hallmate to help me because she's up to her elbows in a "code brown", I can go find another aide on the unit to help. At the same time, I am willing to help them out.

    I always make sure I have what I need (hoyer), sling under the resident, their shoes on etc, before I ask for help with transfer. This way my helper just shows up, does the transfer, and moves on.

    Sometimes we get all (my group and hallmate's group) the hoyer lifts in/out of bed (just lay them down), then the easy stands, then, once all in/out of bed we each go back and get our residents settled in (slings out from under them, changed etc). Then do the one assists.

    My co-workers and I also have no problem helping to take care of each other's residents. I will change a brief for them if I see them running behind, or even if I happen to have a few spare minutes. They always return the favor.

    I guess team work is the MOST important thing you can have to be so efficient. If you don't have that now, start by talking with your hallmate, tell them you're willing to help them out and they can help you out as well.

    It makes the shift go by SO MUCH easier!!