Red Cross CNA Program

  1. Has anyone ever taken a CNA class offered through the Red Cross? Or know of anyone who has? In Minnesota I have found there is one (and found some notes that is structured differently then that offered through community colleges). I am considering it because it is the only program I can find on the weekends (or after 5 pm in my area). I work full time and need to continue to do so while I take my Pre-reqs to enroll in a post-ba nursing certificate program at a local private college. I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Psychology after not getting into a very small nursing program at my college. The program that I"m trying to get into now has entirely different pre-requistes (or very high grade requirements) and so I'm practically starting from scratch.

    So I'm just curious as to how the Red Cross' program might differ. It works great for me because it's all day Saturday for 8 weeks followed by two weekends of clinicals. Very doable although not cheap ($800). I'm hoping to take this and then hopefully find a part time CNA job in the evenings to help me pay for the other courses I need to take.
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  3. by   Shante1985
    I think the CNA program at the American Red Cross is a wonderful idea. I know of a few people who've taken it and they said it was pretty good. Also $800 is fairly cheap and it's not that long of a course. If you were taking it at a community college it would definitely be longer than 4 or 5 weeks and it would definitely cost more than $800. Taking the course at the Red Cross is a good investment time wise and financially. They all teach the same thing anyway.
  4. by   CNAMichelle
    I did the CNA red cross program this past Oct.-Dec. I really enjoyed it and they did a very good job teaching it,we did quite a bit of anatomy,and med. terms that from what I read a lot of these programs do not do. was also pro cpr certified through them. we had 40 hours of clinicals also....
  5. by   Anikka
    How much do CNA programs usually cost? It looked like I could take it at the tech college practically across the street from my house for about 500. I should explain that to take the Red Cross course i also have to drive two hours to a major metro area. I live in an area of about 80,000 people but the the tech and community colleges only offer it during the day or they start at 4 pm. I work full time at a non-profit until 5 pm everyday so that doesn't work for me. I've checked all the schools within about 2 hours and none offer it weekends or after work hours. I'm suprised!
  6. by   CNAMichelle
    the red cross classes cost me $810.00,not too bad.
  7. by   Anikka
    Unfortunately the class that starts in a few weeks is full and it won't be offered again on the weekend until fall. I emailed with the person in charge though and she let me know when the fall class would be announced. She said if I keep my eye out I should have no trouble getting in. I guess I'll find a different pre-req for nursing that I need to work on for now.
  8. by   totos
    There used to be cna classes offered at retirement homes.I live in Fort Walton Beach,Fl does anyone know where I can take the cna course here?
  9. by   GPdreams
    I'm interested in getting my 2yr degree as a nurse, so I'm wondering if this program will count as credit towards that? Do only community college CNA programs count towards your associates in nursing?
  10. by   itsmyturn
    Do you have Technology Centers in MN? We have them, a trade school sorta, and they offered a CNA class for $240 + 40 for the book. It was a 5 week program, 40hrs of clinicals. In most nursing homes, if you go through their program you are obligated to work for them. I know people who went through them because they were free. They worked a month then quit. Most technology centers offer evening classes and some even have the online classes now. As for the community college accepted credit for your CNA, in my state they don't but it helps with points getting into the nursing program. You can also check your local hospital and even look at high school websites because they often have links for the kids interested in certificate programs.
  11. by   Anikka
    What do you mean "technology centers"? The biggest problem is that I work full time and can't afford to quit just to take this. It's just a step i need to take to get into an RN program....So any class I take has to be on the weekends or evenings (after 5). The latest program in my area starts at 4.