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    I applied for a hospital job online sunday night monday morning I was called in for an interview with 2 hours notice. I went totally unprepared and was late for interview. At the time they said they didnt know shift, hours, days etc.. About 30 mins ago I received a call and was offered the position however I declined because it is night shift and I have a small child and my husband doesnt get home until 11:30pm. Anyway instantly after hanging up the phone I regretted saying no and called back asap to accept the offer. Honestly if they say yes I have no clue what i'm going to do about childcare but getting my foot in the door is a big deal. Now I'm here waiting for the director to decide if she still wants me. Stressful all around the odds were already against me and I just made it worse.

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    Update I was told to expect call from HR so I guess thats a good sign
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    Good Luck Hope you get the job, and will be able to work things out with child care . I know if I did not have my mother to lean on I'd be up a creek without a paddle and not be able to work the job I have.
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    I got my job my sil will help out with childcare until I hire a sitter.
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    congrats so happy for you
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    GOOD DEAL! Usually hospitals have 12 hours shifts, so if you're full timer, you'd only work 3 shifts a week. You should be able to work out a schedule with you husband. Congratulations and good luck to you!
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    Thanks everyone I was hoping for 12 hour shifts but this one does 8 still waiting to find out what unit I will be on

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