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Nurses aid job in newspaper

  1. 0 There is a job posting in my local newspaper for a LTC they are hiring nurses aids part time and full time. They are not asking for STNA or CNA. I am a Certified Medical Assistant who will be attending nursing school in the fall. Would it be appropriate for me to apply to this position. I think this would be good training to help with nursing school. Ads for other facilities say STNA. Will they hire someone who is not CNA or STNA.
    Thanks carilyn
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    I would check into it asap. Good Luck.
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    Definitely apply.

    They don't have the opportunity to yes or no unless you apply.

    By not applying the answer is an automatic no.
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    I would certainly inquire about it. In most cases, they usually want someone who is already a certified nursing assistant (even though the ad may not mention 'cna') because they are supposed to do a background check on them, but you will never know if you don't apply.