New CNA starting job search...need salary help!

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    Hello. I will be done with my CNA course this week and license test is 12-5. I went on my 1st interview today at a facility in NJ that owns several others. I am doing clinical in one the same corp own as well and its AWFUL! This one is Beautiful! My question is, I am happy with the facility, hours etc...I was appalled to hear regardless of giving up bene's (have them with my husband) that the starting salary is 12.00 an hour!! Is it me or is it peanuts for the amount of work we do as CNA's?? I have been doing hair for 23 years and this is the start of a new career for me. I was called back for a 2nd interview and I don't know what to do...I was hoping for a hospital job and have applied. I want to take it to gain experience but have heard the avg starting in a LTC facility is 13.50 in NWNJ. I know this topic has been visited before and according to the internet, a 12.00 salary is like 2008. Can I please get some salary input or advice to help me make a decision? Thank you so much!!

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    I'd love to be paid that much for what I do. I make $9.75 and that's the going rate in my area for someone who has year to two years experience.
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    Kentucky, you're lucky to get 11 on overnights without bennies. Much me realistic to get 8-9 with no experience, no bennies.
    Florida it's about 10. While I'm not familiar with your area, I think your expectations may be unrealistic. Have you looked at You can find specific info about wages and companies in your area. Good luck.
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    Thanks for your replies. Just to elaborate this is the 3-11 shift and the reason why I feel this way is because for my area 13-14.00 an hour is the average starting wage. I had another similar post here and someone mentioned certified vs licensed. Don't I have to be licensed? I will be certified next week and taking state exam beginning of December. I think what bothers me the most is the amount of manual intense labor, patient load, lack of help from fellow CNA's (all from clinical experience) and just the general things I have seen that break my heart. I am in no way afraid of hard work and am willing to accept this new challenge. I guess I was also wrong to assume that this is a huge corporation and they would pay at least the avg..13.50, to start. I know the owners sit pretty and rake in most of the profit while the residents suffer and employees bust their butt. Where I do clinical is roach infested and filthy. Lack of care is very apparent, but where I interviewed looks complete opposite. Same owner- 1 is union, 1 is not. I also am not familiar with the difference in that either. Thank you for all comments...please state your area as well as salary to help me put things into perspective.
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    The average is usually not a starting salary. Starting salary for NY/NJ ranges from $9-13. Most of NJ for new certified CNA's is $10-12/hr, $12 is usually for evenings /nights. Must buy own scrubs/uniforms. (Fortunately Walmart sells decent plain scrubs for ~$6 ea for top or bottom).

    Recent search showed average for a 2-year experienced CNA is $16 for Newark/Bergen/Essex/Passaic area, $12-14 in less urban areas.

    Some new grad nurses are starting at $18/hr in NJ.
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    In Kansas City, MO you're lucky if you get $10 an hour as a CNA. I would be extremely happy with $12 an hour starting out in a LTC facility. Hospitals tend to pay more. I was recently hired as a nurse tech in a hospital starting at $14 an hour.
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    Sacramento California, New grads approx $9.00 to $12.00 in LTC, and for the most part no benefits. However my niece (CNA) did get a job in a LTC facility and after working six months did get a raise to $11.00 and will be able to get some benefits after a year. I have been told that CNA's in my area, need a least one year LTC experience before applying anywhere else, like hospitals or prisons.
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    Western PA. Probably the average here is in the $8 or $9 range, and down nearer to Pittsburgh might be a bit higher. Unionized CNAs at The Washington Hospital were making $15/hour, I heard. LPN pay here is only $15/hour, and that can go up to $18 or $20 down nearer Pittsburgh area. That's why it would be unusual for a CNA to hit that range. It only takes months of training to become a CNA but 1year for LPN and 24 months to 4 years for RN. The pay increases with responsibility, training, and skill level, not with the amount of gruntwork and heavy lifting required. CNA is the laborer job, essentially.
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    That is what the pay is. Compared to other professions like retail or McDonalds which can start you out at less than 8 bucks an hour, it is worth it.
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    There is no such thing as a CNA license. Even after you take your certification, you're considered unlicensed personnel.

    I can't imagine a CNA making starting at $15 an hour. LVNs would only be starting at a few dollars more than that with way more responsibility and education and an actual license.

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