New CNA.. please help with good RESUME

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    I just graduate as a CNA. I need help with a good resume as a new CNA without experience. Please help me to find any good example as a CNA resume. Thanks

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    Hello, snowbabyT,

    I moved your thread to the CNA forum. Here, you should receive a better response.
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    honestly i've never come accross a place that asked a cna for a resume, i've always just had to fill out thier standered applications...
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    Well, I made a resume just because that's what I was always taught to do when I worked administrative work. I can send it to you to look at if you want, just pm me your e-mail. I went to our career services center to get help with it. For me it was important to list that I am a nursing student, and list my certifications along with their expirations (including your CPR so they know you're current), and responsibilities I had in previous jobs even though they were'nt medically related. If you do this, be sure to use those power words that resume sites always talk about - initiated, created, responsible for, etc. I also put volunteer experience. Most CNA jobs don't really require a resume though so don't feel you have to have one.
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    Try this site. Best of luck to you.
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    i've always used what is called a "functional" resume style...instead of focusing on work experience this type of resume focuses on your skills.
    for example:

    goal: (state your goal here)

    cna skills: (list, in bullets, what you know from school)

    communication skills: (list, in bullets, what comm skills you have,
    have you ever worked phone lines, are
    you bilingual, have you charted or recorded before)

    customer service skills: (list, in bullets, what cs skills you have. in today's
    healthcare, customer service is a priority. so if
    you have experience here then list it. if you
    improved cs at another job, tell them what
    you did.)

    education: (list your cna scooling here)

    achievements: (list your certification, any assoc. that you belong to, and
    any applicable awards received here)

    this type of resume has always worked for me, no matter what type of job i've applied for. hr dept. know what a functional resume is, so it's not like they would just toss it to the side as a made up resume. it's just a different way to lay it out. normally it is for someone with no experience or someone changing jobs, so that could be a minus, but as i said, it has served me well. i hope you have a productive job search.

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    here is a "how to write a resume link" for those that are interested! it has alot of other links to "how to write a resume" and "sample resume" links. this was another thread on this board that will be useful to everyone that wants tips on resume writing!

    i hope it helps. let me know if there is anything else i can do.
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    When writing your resume, when looking back at past jobs make sure to gloss up those skills that would relate to the work you're trying to get. Such as customer service aspects.

    Also don't be afraid to pass the resume around to friends and family memebers and ask for suggestions. I'm horrible at resume writing and was asking a friend something about it and next thing I knew she had sat down and pretty much helpped me rewrite the entire thing and was able to help me go from blah to wow.
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    I sent in my resume along with my application for my job. I empasized the things that would apply to health care. For example, my previous job was waiting tables, so I listed "entering food order accurately into the computer system" as one of my job responsibilites for that job because I will need to be accurate in charting as a CNA. I also wrote a cover letter in which I said that I believed my customer service experiene would "serve me well as I take the first step in my heathcare career." I got the job, so it must have worked.
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    just got my patient care assisting certification can some one give me a tip on what i need study for state test .

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