Job interview Monday 4-29-13

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    So I currently work at a TCU (rehab nursing home) as a unit secretary and CNA. The pay is low, I love my residents though. I just got accepted to the RN program fall 2013. But once I am a nurse I want to work in the hospital. So I have a job interview on Monday April 29th at 1:45pm. The good thing is they also offer the SNAP program which will be what I really want once I have completed 2 semesters of nursing school. I like that the Hospital offers hours around my upcoming school schedule and I can be per diem, where as the job I'm at I can't change the hours. I haven't worked in a hospital since 2009, I have missed it. I left the hospital before because I wanted to finish up pre-reqs. The other hospital only had 12 hour shifts. This one has the option of 8 hr shifts or 12 hr shifts. Well here is to hoping I get the job The recruiter was like so many people are interested in you here so pretty much I get to pick where I want to work. I've been a CNA for 10 years. I hope they still have the ER tech position open, that would be the one I would pick. Anyone else have job interviews coming up?

    Good luck to anyone else at their job interviews
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    I had a job interview on Monday that went South before I could even think about it. I hadn't been on an interview in 3 years, but I also had three interviews on Thursday and two of them said I would know at the end of next week because they had more interviews. The third one said I would know something by Monday or Tuesday. I have another interview on this coming Monday. I've been blessed to have so many interviews, now I just would like a job offer. In those 3 interviews Thursday, I felt I did real good but idk because two of the jobs have closed when I look at the application status. I'm trying to still be hopeful though. I have no health related experience though. Good luck at your interview though. Working at a hospital will definitely help once you finish the RN program. Let us know how it goes.
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    That is great that you were actually called for interviews. I have been putting in applications to all the local hospital for 6 months. Finally one called. I hope you get a job offer soon. Good luck, I will update after the interview and if I do or don't get the job.
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    Momma Ty Good Luck i hope indeed you get the job. What a wonderful opertunity for you, and it will be a great adition to your reseme when you become a new grad nurse!!

    Virglove that is a lot of interviews in one week. Hopefully with all that work you have done you will be rewarded with a job. Tell us how it turns out and good luck
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    Congrats on getting accepted to NS this fall; I had an interview last week and it went great. It will be my first CNA job; I am waiting on my background check to come back still, but the DON told me I should be starting by Wednesday as long is it's all clear (which it is). Best of luck with your interview Monday
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    It's an hour past your appointment time... Hope it all went well for you. Hope you don't mind I sent a little prayer your way.
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    So very happy for you!! It sure sounds promising. I hope this is everything you want it to be and more.
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    mommty.. hope your interview went well.. hoping and praying you get offered the position..

    out of all the interviews i've been on in the past 7 days, i got offered a flexipool/resource position which didn't sound great at first, but it's very convenient with me being in nursing school and i adore my manager.

    goodluck all
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    Virgolove - don't pass up that flexipool position. 12 years ago, I intereviewed for 2 positions and really had my heart set on one. I never heard from them, but I was offered the job for the other position. It was a temp position that turned out to be for a phenomenal company. I realized later that this company would have many more opportunities than the job I originally hoped for. I worked as a temp for a year and have been here 11 years as a regular employee. If I wanted to stay in Business, I would certainly stay here, but since I want to be a nurse, I will have to leave.

    Sometimes, the position that sounds less than desireable at first turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Being a flex job, you will have the opportunity to network with SO MANY PEOPLE and potentially open up a LOT of doors that may make the difference when you're looking for that new grad position.

    Best of luck to both of you ladies. I hope you are truly happy!!
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    virgolove so very happy for you. I really think it is a wonderful job for someone who is in school. Is it like a perdem like position where if you don't want to take the shift you don't have to. also I think that 1feistmama is exactly right that it will allow you to get the foot in the door for many positions in the future. Good Luck and I hope it will be a great job for you while you are in school