Is anyone here a med tech or med aid?

  1. What is the difference? is it any better than being a regular CNA? because I starting to dread my job as a CNA in a nursing home, I feel like the work is too much for the small amount of pay. I'm in school for my RN but trying to find something to support me until then. Does med tech pay more, about how much and is it better?
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  3. by   green34
    What is it? I am not familiar with that term. Is I a CNA with that medication cert so they can pass meds?
  4. by   studentbear
    With working as a med tech, I had my own set of tasks to complete and did not have to do much team work to accomplish them. With caregiving, it can be (and is) incredibly frustrating when there are 3 caregivers and 1 doing most of the work.. That is the biggest issue I see, anyways. Med tech paid around a dollar more per hour than a caregiver. It was very, very stressful because you are giving people medications and you cannot make mistakes, but at the same time you have to keep a quick pace or residents get really upset that their medication is late. Overall, I preferred it much more over caregiving. I didn't get the opportunity to become very good at it because I was on call and eventually quit, since I couldn't progress with such infrequent shifts.
  5. by   mzsuccess
    Do you mind sharing how much did you make and what setting did you work?
  6. by   Alisonisayoshi
    I was a med tech at one point. I was trying to gain some medical field experience (I'm a career changer and live in California where the job market is tight). I made 2 dollars more and hour than the CNAs. I had a bit more autonomy than a CNA, but I did A LOT of residents alone and it could get taxing.
  7. by   mzsuccess
    I want to get my med tech but don't know if its worth it, I'm getting tired of CNA work, its too much hard labor. But I need something to support until I'm done with school. Without all the physical work.
  8. by   mvm2
    Have you thought about just having a lower keyed CNA job? maybe you just feel burned out with LTC like working conditions. Home Care, Hospice, are just some jobs avaliable that you could still use your CNA skills but it is not as laboring as LTC.
  9. by   mzsuccess
    MVM2 i've been applying for hospice but have no luck. The cna job i have now is stressful and alot of labor. So i was thinking of helping lpn pass meds would be less strain.