I passed.

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    Hey everyone! I signed up a few days ago, but never posted.

    I took my CNA test Thursday (3/1) and got my results in the mail today.
    Let me tell you, I was scared to death. I thought for sure I failed the skills. I was very irritated Thurs. because I was at the testing site from 7am to 5:30pm. I finished the written by 8:45 and didn't get to do skills until 3:30 when I was moody, hungry and tired. :zzzzz Then the test admin. tried to fax our results to Promissor but apparently the fax machine wasn't working properly (GRR!). So I had to wait to get my results in the mail.

    I drew (in this order)....
    1. Handwashing 2. Denture care 3. BP 4. Nail Care 5. Transfer bed to wheelchair

    The written wasn't at all bad--easy, IMO. The skills were okay, but once I got in there and was being watched it all flew away for me, so I just did it. I forgot to say pull the curtain twice because it was already pulled except for the bit where the lady looks in at you.

    But anyway. I've been reading on this site for quite sometime now and finally thought "Hey, I should post"....... so here it is.

    Great site.

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    I will take my test sometime next month and I am scared to death of the skills part. I am not that comfortable with all the skills, however, my classes are finished tomorrow. Did you do anything in particular to prepare for the written exam?
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    Congratulations. Good luck in all that you do!
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    The skills was what I was worried about. Just know important things like pulling the curtain, call light, wash hands, and pt. safety. Certain parts of skills were called Critical Element Steps, and they are very important.

    To prepare for the written part I printed the practice exam off the Promissor website. That's who did my test. A lot of the questions that were on it were on the written part verbatim. Most of the questions can be answered with general common sense.

    When I did the practice test from Promissor there were 60 questions (I think) and I only missed 6. And those were ones that I had narrowed down to two answers and literally did eenie-meenie-miney-moe with. LOL.

    Good luck to you on your test!!
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    congrats! but i'm confused - you have to literally "draw" care procedures? i thought they were performed in front of someone...i'm curious about this because i'm trying to get my CNA / STNA license and i would really like to know how the test is like!
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    No, when I say I "drew" I meant those were the skills I was assigned. Kinda like you draw a card from a deck.

    I had to perform them on someone (the dummy, so to speak) in front of the evaluator. (Who was 77 years old. Did I mention that? I hope I'm in that kind of shape when I'm 77.)

    Haha, but I wish I could have literally DRAWN the skills. Although I was so nervous I'm not sure I could've held a pencil.
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    Woot, Woot! Congratulations!!!

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