I failed the skills portion of my CNA test in MI ~ will the retake skills be the same

  1. HELP!!!!!! I failed denture care and height/weight on my skills portion of the CNA test in Michigan. I passed handwashing, re-postioning, and indirect care. Will I have the same 5 skills next time? Will I have the two I failed and 3 new ones???

    I can't find this information ANYWHERE...please help!
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  3. by   Stephalump
    Isn't it supposed to be random? I've never retaken it, but everyone in my class had different skills that were chosen randomly.
  4. by   Glenna, LPN
    If I were you...study all the steps of all your skills. Pull out the disc in the back of the book and watch them. I live in Oregon. In 2007 I took my state board tests for CNA 1. I passed the written part no problem. However, I failed bedbath. I studied the crap out of that skill afterwards. I had to wait like a month before I could retest. By this time I got a job in LTC where I could really pratice. When I went back to retest I felt like I could do this. Handwashing will always be a skill, that is a given...but I had four different skills then what I had the first time around. I was so thankful it wasn't bloodpressure. I got feeding, putting on a ted hose, weighing, and changing a client while in bed. They actually had the pad wet under there on the tummy! So you better check. I had a friend who did everything but check the pad to see if it was wet and she failed. Five days later...I checked online and saw...I WAS A CNA!

    Those are my two cents. I hope that this helps.
  5. by   seasons18
    Im wondering that too~!
  6. by   coldcasejustice
    I haven't taken mine yet, what did you fail on the dentures?

    Are all the skills written out in order on a card you draw? Not sure how it works.... I'm in Cali.
  7. by   MichiganPCT
    Hello, I'm sorry you didn't pass your state exam, many have trouble and have to take it a second time, so you're not alone. The state exam for Michigan consists of 5 tasks total. Every potential CNA is tested on Indirect Care and Handwashing. Those are 2 tasks out of 5 that everyone will have. You will be expected to wash your hands at the beginning and end of your other 3 "wild card" tasks and provide indirect care throughout the entire test. The remaining 3 tasks will most likely be different from the ones you had the first time, but there is a possibility you may get one of them again. Keep practicing at home and if you can, at the school you trained. I have found that many students get confused looking at their task sheets from school- I suggest re-writing them in your own words. Having to walk yourself mentally through the task and writing it down solidifies the task in your head.Most of the tasks you can practice at home like Range of Motion and Partial Bedbath. For example, when practicing Bedbath, when you take a shower, wash yourself in the order you would a resident.I hope this is helpful!Focus on the positive and on the brighter side- when you take your test again you will at least have an idea what to expect since you've already been there.
  8. by   SlaveHeart
    Good luck to you when you test again! Also just because they are 'randomized' that does not mean you WILL NOT get at least one of the same skills again, it's simple statistics. So make sure you practice the previous skills you were tested on in addition to the other ones in the book. I know a girl that was devastated because she did not keep practicing transfer to a wheelchair because she was told she would not be tested on the same skills again.
    See if you can get ahold of anyone in your CNA class that all ready passed and ask them to help you with your skills. Perhaps you could find someone else who needs to retest or was just scheduled for the later test to begin with and have a skills party a couple of days before the exam. Best wishes to you and hang in there!