How to keep CNA certification in Indiana?

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    Presently, I work as a Tech in a Hospital. Thinking about getting both CNA, & EMT certifications. I think CNA certification is only good for 1 year in Indiana. If I pay for the classes how to keep my CNA certification current if I don`t work in a Nursing Home? Or doese anyone know were I should I look for the state of Indiana?

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    I'm not sure, but I would think you would have to take a re-certification test once per year to keep it current or something similar.
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    You have to work 8 hours for pay I believe every year (maybe 2 years, I don't remember) and have 12 hours of education every year.

    I don't recall them specifying that we had to work in a nursing home. I think it was only that you had to work as a CNA. If the hospital makes use of CNA's then that should count. Of course, this was 4 years ago so...

    You might want to ask in the Indiana forum though.
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    CNA certification is good for 2 years in Indiana.
    You have to work at least one eight hour shift every two years to keep it active.
    That includes any CNA work, be it LTC, hospital, assisted living, etc.
    If you haven't worked in that amount of time and your certification has expired, then you have to retake the class and the test.

    However, working at a hospital does count, so you should be fine.
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    I live in Indiana and I'm about to take cna classes and was wondering something, say you only work part-time 6 hours a night, does that mean after two years if I don't have one shift of ATLEAST 8 hours I have to retake the class and test again? even if I work part-time 5 days a week? or does that only mean if you DON'T work you have to put in atleast 8 hours for the year to keep your certification active? Sorry little confused.
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    No, it just means you have to have worked at least 8 hours in that amount of time. The length of the shift doesn't really matter!
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    I thought thats what you meant, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you for answering my question!

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