How soon do you start looking for a job

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    I was just wondering about this.
    Im worried if I wait till graduation (April), it will take me a while to find a job.
    I need to find a job now anyways and pounding the pavement this week.....

    So..when did you start looking?

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    I guess it depends on where you live. A few people on the board said that they put in applications while they were still in the class, but for me I did it after I finished my class. Even then, I had to wait 2 months before I received my license # due to background checks, and though my state gave me a temporary license#, alot of employers did not want to even talk to me without my permanent license
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    I had a private duty job already, and 2 months after I took the class she paased away. I went to go look up my # in the system and it wasn't there. No one from my class was on there either. I called the school and I think they forgot to send the paperwork! A week later I had my # and that's when I started applying for jobs.
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    I don't plan on looking for a job. The CNA's where I'm from make 8.88 in LTC and I make more than that at my desk job. THere is no way I'm willing to do all the hard work that a CNA does for that amount of money. I'm taking the class because it is a pre-req for an LVN program I'm applying to and/or for experience points for the RN program. I wouldn't mind working as a CNA and getting some medical experience but I just can't do it for pennies. The only way I would work as a CNA is possibly with a registry.
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    I'm in MS and my teacher said some of her past students got jobs while they were still taking the course. So, I guess it just depends on you. I think alot of places will hire you before you actually get your certification.
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    I don't know where you live, but in MA, you can actually take a job while you're still in the class, but you have to pass the class in order to take the state exam and you have to pass the exam in order to keep your job.
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    I don't take my state test till March, I'm in the thick of clinicals, and I've been hired for nearly a month. Some facilities take student CNA's, just expect to be overwhelmed by the "newness" of it all!

    Someone brought up a good point about pay. In my LTC facility, day shift CNA's start at 8.50/hr. I could wash dishes in the kitchen for 10.50/hr. Unless you plan on stopping at CNA (don't), you may want to do another job while you further your education, with some per diem CNA stuff on the side.
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    I went looking about two minutes after I passed the state test and had my temporary license (same day) in my hand. I got three job offers within two weeks. No one would even talk to me while I was still in class though (I tried!)
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    Thanks everyone for chiming in . No ones talking to me for sure, theyre all asking 'did you graduate yet or are you certified, we dont take uncertified'. I will start looking after my exam mid april.
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    wow all of you guys that say that you get paid 8 something an hour, that's just a total rip off. From what i've been told in MA they have to pay you at least 10 an hour. Don't take my word for it though. this is all still unknown to me. I'm just going off what other people have said.

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