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  1. jessesgirl13

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    I'm still considered a new cna. I've only been doing this for a little over a year. I got hurt 2 times in one year. the second time was actually another aid's fault, but my don actually said to me that "when you're off light duty, we're going to have to review your employment here." seriously? when i wasn't injured i worked 50 to 60 hours a week, i float to any and every unit, with out complaint, and the staff actually likes me. and now you're going to fire me because SOMEONE ELSE SPLIT THICKEN MILK AND DIDN'T CLEAN IT UP? imo, whatever. throw out a really great worker.
  2. jessesgirl13

    The Patient I Failed

    this story made me e-mail my mother and tell her that we need to sit down and fill out the necessary paper work to make sure that she doesn't end up like my residents. i'm going to make sure that she lives and dies the way she wants to. i can only be thankful that i'm an only child and i won't have anyone to fight with about this.
  3. jessesgirl13

    CNA Skills Exam Weighing without or with shoes

    if the pt is ambulatory then leave their shoes on. if they're non- ambulatory then it doesn't doesn't really matter, but you have to be consistent. same thing every week,
  4. jessesgirl13

    Vibram 5 fingers shoes

    i asked at the ltc that i work at and they had to find the shoes first before they could give me an answer on whether or not i could wear them at work. i was told no, they don't offer adequate protection from being run over or having things dropped on your foot.
  5. jessesgirl13

    Dr Scholl's analysis thing at Walmart

    my friend and i both bought the dr. scholl's inserts, i love mine and she hates hers. i think the kind of shoes you wear also make a difference. i wear mine in a pair of new balance's and she wears a pair of cheap shoes that she bought at walmart for about $10.
  6. jessesgirl13

    Nursing myths. Stories that you know cannot be true

    hahahahahahahaha. that's awesome, and what makes it even funnier is i'm taking a break from my lego star wars where i'm beating on darth vader. that is just to funny.
  7. jessesgirl13

    NOT FOR ME???

    don't give up. I had no interest in ltc care either. I much prefer assisted living. Those are the only two that i have experiance in. But once you finish the training course, you'll be able to find work elsewhere. Just keep working hard and doing what you're supposed to and you'll be just fine. Good luck.
  8. jessesgirl13

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I just took the final in my cna class and you have to pass the class final in order to take the state exam. so I haven't taken the state exam yet, but I got a 98 on my final. so I am so ready to take the state exam.
  9. jessesgirl13

    What's in your CNA work bag?

    when i go to clinicals i take hand sanitizer, chapstick, an extra hair tie, extra scrubs and socks, and the obvious things found in a females purse. but i never take my ipod or money. lol. I don't want to "share" if you know what i mean.
  10. jessesgirl13

    Oh the wonderful smells

    oh geez. lol on my second day of clinicals, we went into a pt's room and she was the meanest person you could ever meet. the cna that i was working with went into her bathroom to get her meds for the morning and found that the pt had decided to fingerpaint with feces. and the pt was just cursing us up and down so we just left and when she came out to breakfast, we ran back in to clean the bathroom because housekeeping would have taken forever to get down there and if the pt saw them in her room, it wouldn't have been good. the smell of that bathroom was just awful. the cna sprayed it with lysol when we went in at first and just kept spraying it every 5 minutes or so because the smell was just so awful. it ended up being the funniest thing i have ever experienced.
  11. jessesgirl13

    Stood my ground....

    truthfully, i haven't even gotten out of training yet, so i have no clue about actually working as a cna, but i have worked in some very toxic environments, so i do know a little about that. I'd say just do what you know is the right thing to do. and if people start yelling at you, unless it's causing an immediate problem (like not being able to finish your responsibilities or causing a major disruption) just let them yell and pretend to agree/understand whatever it is that they're yelling about. my mother always tells me (and yes i know that this sounds corny) to "just be the best person you can be" and she couldn't be more right. Don't worry about those jerks. Just do what you need to do and keep looking for something that might suit you a little better. you'll be fine
  12. jessesgirl13

    Why become a CNA? Be a Medical assistant instead

    I was going through the medical help wanted ads and the local Unemployment offices job listings and I saw 1 want add for medical assistants, but there were over 40 for cna's. Just cna's not lpn's or rn's. just cna's. So your basis of thinking seems very off. and I looked into being a ma. I would have cost me a couple of thousand just to take the class, where as my cna class was 700 and the state paid for it. they wouldn't pay for the ma class because it's not a needed or wanted service around here.
  13. jessesgirl13

    CNA to RN

    oh i would never find someone else to do something that would take me a few minutes to do. That's just a dumb thing to do. LIke i said, if that's what i have to do, then that's what i do. I'm no better than anyone else and I will do my job to the absolute best of my ability, no matter what it entails, and i've had to do some disgusting things before, not even in the nursing field. lol. so i can handle icky.
  14. jessesgirl13

    CNA to RN

    I'm a little worried now. lol. I have little to no interest in wiping butts or in peri care. Don't get me wrong. Because it is part of the job I will do it to the best i possibly can. But I'd rather not. But I want to be an ER nurse. and i know that the people who are the best at their jobs started at the bottom. So if a little butt wiping is what is needed to get to where I'm going then i shall wipe butts. And people who won't do it need to get over themselves.
  15. jessesgirl13

    How soon do you start looking for a job

    wow all of you guys that say that you get paid 8 something an hour, that's just a total rip off. From what i've been told in MA they have to pay you at least 10 an hour. Don't take my word for it though. this is all still unknown to me. I'm just going off what other people have said.
  16. jessesgirl13

    Your pet peeve of the week

    I'm not a can yet I'm just in training right now, but my pet peeve of the week is when we've taken a quiz or in this case we just took our midterm and had gotten back the grades. i got a 100 on it because i studied my by butt off and earned it and then the class know it all tells me that i didn't get that grade and that there must be a mistake and that mine needs to be regraded.