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How much are CNA's making in Ohio?

  1. 0 Hey all my Ohio Natives! lol

    I plan on entering a CNA program before nursing school for some experience and to get my foot in the door!

    I was wondering how much CNA's are making in Ohio? (both in LTC and hospitals) because I'm trying to save up money to pay off my tuition for nursing school (adn program!) I've got about 2,500$ in scholarships but working as a CNA for those 4 months before nursing school will for sure allow me to pay it off!

    I plan on working in the hospital but I'm not sure where I'll end please let me know! Thanks Guys & Girls!
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    $8.50/hr here in Eastern Ohio
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    Started at 9/hr
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    9.50 to start @ ltc in SW Ohio
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    I just landed my first CNA(STNA, as it is called here.) job paying $10.50 an hour , at an LTC facility. I couldn't believe it when the DON that 10.50 would be my pay rate! I feel extremely blessed I think here in Ohio the average is $9 or $9.50 an hour, to start out, and a lot of places give you a 50 cents raise after 6 months, or something like that
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    I started at $10 at an LTC in 2010. Went to a hospital in 2012 and started at $13.45 (that includes my shift differential). Im in central Ohio.
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    Just got a job at a hospital in north east Ohio. They are starting me at 11.70/hr with $1.00 shift differential for working nights. I have 1 year of previous experience working in a hospital.