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  1. missmagee

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    Literally two of you were helpful. The rest of you have the attention span of a squirrel. But thanks anyway.
  2. missmagee

    LPN skip RN then to medical school..ask away

    What did you end up getting your Bachelors in instead? (: I thought about just finishing a BSN but realized the prerequisite requirements would be much different....
  3. missmagee

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    Yeah. I explained that to my DON and she just said....not necessary. Shock. lol
  4. missmagee

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    I do have other interviews lined up. Its just so frustrating when I'm ready to begin! Gah.
  5. missmagee

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    No I was not an employee at this facility prior. However I did request to talk to employees prior to beginning and they all assured me it was a great place to be. I think I was misled lol
  6. missmagee

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    Okay, I'm gonna keep it semi-short. I'm a new grad yay! Working in a skilled nursing facility...today will be my second day of following behind a nurse....and she sucks lol I mean I literally didn't get to do anything yeserday other than insulins (that went unwitnessed because "the computer does the math so no need", coumadins, and breathing treatments. Mind you, I'd been doing that as required for a week prior along side the medication aide lol She wants me to do the exact same thing today.She disappears off the unit every 4 minutes to smoke.....bleh. Did I mention she's the DON?! I just feel like she doesn't want to train me for the two days she has me. Which is super dumb as you do want competent employees right? What the heck? LOL A few other things: - I haven't been paid on time for second week in a row (every friday) - I'm being told now I have to wait until Monday - They don't have coverage for a shift in which I'm supposed to be training - They have yet to increase my pay rate when they said it would be done immediately - not to mention every time I ask what they pay rate is they go around it or beat around the bush... - I'm the only 2nd shift nurse who will be charge - AS A NEW GRAD????!!!! - They did all this talk about honesty and family and yet I literally read the lies in her progress notes on PATIENTS How do I bear the madness?!
  7. missmagee

    Beyond Confused: When To Start Studying?

    Hey there! The name is Jazz! Pre-Nursing Student! Okay so here is the deal - I am applying for this program in the fall of 2014 and one of the requirements is to take my TEAS... I'm already taking some courses just so I don't have to take them when the program starts and I can move around my classes to make them more doable for my schedule...I'll finish with my current courses in December! I want to turn in my application as soon as I can - because that program fills up - REALLY REALLY fast! Should I begin studying now? so that I can apply in December with a taken and excellent TEAS score (I pray)... or should I wait?? THESE FEELINGS OF ANXIETY ARE UNREAL - I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO THIS PROGRAM!
  8. missmagee

    Clashing With My Advisor

    Hey Pre-Nursing and Nursing Students... Me and my advisor bump heads - A LOT - and it's only been 3 weeks of school!! Why...well she started out the beginning of the school year by trying to get me to take classes that are below the classes I took in high school (I was an honors student - taking honors classes)...when I realized that, I went home and rescheduled everything for classes that were actually worth my time and not wasting my money... when I met with her today (just for a check to see how I was liking it) she was so annoyed that I had changed my classes and when I tried to explain to her why - she just kept going on and on about how I needed to trust her as an advisor... the thing is - she has a horrible reputation with nursing and pre-nursing students! She was so annoyed that I felt like I knew something about what would be heavily relied on in nursing school... She was angry with me that I didn't want to take the Chem 1000 course ( my program only requires a C for high school chemistry ) because she says I'm going to need it so much for Microbiology and Pharmacology...I wanted to say... "I know where it's going to be used - and how to educate myself if I need a refresher. I know that dimensional analysis will be used for dosage calcs. I know that ph content will be used for blood work, analysis, and other toxicities. I know how important it is to know the polyatomic ions - in fact I still have notecards from my high school, I know osmosis and mitosis, and diffusion, I know what an acid and a base is." But I held my tongue...especially since it's a 2 year program - they cannot go that deep in two years - that's what a furthering of EDU is for! It's like I understand she has a job to do - but I also understands advising is her paycheck and that colleges want money. I'm not going to waste my time or money when I the program I'm going into is only 2 years...lol This nonsense with my advisor has even got me switching which ADN program I go into simply because I don't want to deal with her! (also the other program is a million times better in terms of what is covered) ...advice?
  9. missmagee

    Working as a CNA before nursing school?

    Thank you for your input! I appreciate it! - Miss Magee
  10. missmagee

    How much are CNA's making in Ohio?

    Hey all my Ohio Natives! lol I plan on entering a CNA program before nursing school for some experience and to get my foot in the door! I was wondering how much CNA's are making in Ohio? (both in LTC and hospitals) because I'm trying to save up money to pay off my tuition for nursing school (adn program!) I've got about 2,500$ in scholarships but working as a CNA for those 4 months before nursing school will for sure allow me to pay it off! I plan on working in the hospital but I'm not sure where I'll end up...so please let me know! Thanks Guys & Girls!
  11. I was just wondering what you guys would advise? Are there any nurses who worked as a CNA before nursing school? Also if I wanted to work in pediatrics at a local hospital - can I do that as a CNA? or will I not get hired there?? How much are you CNA's making in ohio?? Any information would be lovely!
  12. Hey everybody! I'll officially be a pre nursing student beginning August 26...and right now I'm just looking and thinking about costs...I'm going to a community college to get my ADN and so far...my concern is books.... How much can I expect my books to cost me over the next 2-3 years....