how long is a CNA course????

  1. 0 I'm just wondering about how long is a CAN course and what does it consist of??? Thanks for your info.
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    Impossible to generalize.

    Different states have different amounts of classroom hours and clinical hours in their requirements. Then, how long the actual class takes depends on how many times you meet a week and for how long. You can finish a CNA class in about 4-6 weeks going almost full time, or spread it out over a semester.

    The class, regardless of state, will have most of the training in the classroom where you'll be touching on a number of medically-related topics. You will always have a portion of the course that is 'hands on' (the clinical portion) where you have to learn a skill set (you'll see a lot of references to skills in the forum and being tested for them).

    To actually get certified, you need to pass the skills test and a written test that are done differently in different states.
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    It depends how you do it, like the other poster said it can be 4-6 weeks or a full semester. I went twice a week 830-300 for four months. But thats what worked best with my schedule.
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    If at all possible you should attempt to get the CNA course at a community college or at an adult school. The cost should be less and the cc course may give you college credit. At some cc, CNA course is requirement to enter their nursing program. My state typically has a 12 week course in the adult school. If you want a home health aide certificate also, you go for one more week. Call around and you can find out which class is better for you.
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    The one that I'll be taking this summer at my local community college is 6 weeks.
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    I just took my CNA class through the community college. I went twice a week for 2 months.
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    I took my class through a community college. It took about two and a half months. I went Mon.-Wed. 8:00-12:15 and Thursdays (which were clinicals done at a hospital) 6:30 am - 12:15 pm. I believe some community colleges have different schedules for students who prefer to take afternoon or evening classes.
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    Hi..i actually listed on 2 places for CNA class;
    10 weeks program = I passed the entrance exam and currently hoping to get in for the Sept. 09 class.
    20 weeks program = the pre-CNA class will start July, if I pass the pre-CNA class, I will go straight to the 20 week program.

    I am also working on completing my pre-reqs for nursing program.
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    my cna program was 8 months most of the studying i did was for terminology, abbreviations and patient rights. as for the state ttest i was nervous the night before didnt sleep at all (berely took it friday) luckily i didnt have hard skills to do and passed it. ur program should teach u everything u need to know and ull be prepared most ppl who have failed let their nerves get the best of them i think
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    I went for 13 weeks at my local community college from 8:30-11:30 M-F. I loved it, and plan to take the CNA 2 course in January. I live in North Carolina.
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    Hey able im currently enrolled to take can classes by a place that offers two week or four week course 8 hours mon thru fri for 2 weeks or 4 hours mon thru fri for 4 weeks 80 hours in all if you take it thru a place offering training that is not a school cost me 1135.00 includes books equipment and testing.
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    I just registered for a CNA program today & it starts Feb 2nd. Its four weeks long, 8-2:30 Monday- Friday.

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