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I am just wondering how long some of us have been in the feild? this includes nurses...were you an aide before you went to nursing school? and do you feel it is a need to become an aide first before you move on to the next... Read More

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    Too, too long.

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    Almost 11 months, which seems weirdly long and weirdly short all at once.
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    Almost four years. I'm taking the NCLEX-PN this summer. Being a CNA has definitely been an advantage in nursing school. I don't think it's necessary though. Some of my classmates with no experience at all are going to make some exceptional nurses.
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    I became a CNA in the mid 80's and worked as a CNA full time until around 1995 or 1996. Then I went to part time and then per diem from 96-99 or so and let my cert expire since i was working full time in another field. Once I get enough hours in with my LPN schooling I'll be eligible to get my CNA cert back without having to go through CNA classes or the test again..I plan on doing that just to have the cert back.
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    I've been a STNA for three years yesterday and @ my job for three years in July

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