How long does it take to receive your CNA Certificate in the mail?

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    Okay, so I passed the test, and sent my application to state. It finally all got processed and I am in the system, with a certificate number and everything.

    But I was wondering about how long should it take for them to send me the actually certificate in the mail?


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    As long as you're in your state's database you can start applying for jobs. Certificate of course completion will come from your instructor. You can print out your registry # at anytime.
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    Once you're in the system, you're fine. The certificate is more of a souvenir in my state (Missouri).
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    I got mine maybe 5 or 6 days after I took the test... So basically a week.
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    I need it though, because I am transferring to California, (currently in AZ) and I need to send in a copy of my certificate.
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    This is for school I'm guessing? Because if its just for work, you can contact your state's department of health and human services or board of nursing and ask about transferring your license over. Most border states allow students to simply do the skills test over, if anything at all. You can always print out your registry # from the internet, but most employers will verify your registry # before they interview you.
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    I don't see why your certificate would be a big deal. Your employer only has to have your name and SSN to verify your enrollment in the registry.

    If you really must get a copy of your certificate, check this out. Give the Health Education Unit a call tomorrow and ask them for help.
    Frequently Asked Questions | CNA, CMT and Insulin Registry | Health & Senior Services
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    its not for school or an employer. I am trying to transfer my current certificate in AZ to CA. I just became certified in Az though like a week ago, but inorder to transfer it to CA they want a copy of my current certificate, along with all the other paper work.

    Thats why I'm just wondering about how long it should take me to receive my certificate from the AZ board.
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    Sorry, I didn't answer your question. Once I was in the system, I got the certificate about a week later. Ours were mailed to our school, then we picked them up there, so it may have gotten to me sooner, I don't know.
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    Oops, I got you mixed up with kenyacka. Well kenyacka, if you want to get a new copy of your certificate and transfer it to California, I already pulled up the information for you.

    Allison, it's probably done the same way in your state. That is, the certificate is sent from the association, to the school, then to you.

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