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Hello! I was just hired at a LTC facility as a CNA. I start this week. I'm scared. I am pre-nursing, about halfway through my prereqs and need the hours for my nursing school application. When I... Read More

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    Try not to look at it as being depressing even though I know it can be at times. I talk to residents that have conversations with themselves; unable to talk at all; those who can talk; and those who can talk but make no sense. Sadly, majority of the time we are the only people interacting with residents and become their family (I know they say don't get attached but if I take care of someone for a year its going to happen). I work with many bubbly CNAs. We talk, dance and laugh with our residents when we can. Just know that you can still maintain your personality while working matter of fact your residents will appreciate it. Anywho, the first couple of months are sometimes challenging then after awhile its routine. But, if you decide LTC isn't for you this was just experience for your next journey.
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    You guys were right. It's really not bad to very quickly wrap your brain around the "gross" stuff - I think I just hadn't been around it in awhile. As for being depressed...well yesterday I cried after my shift...but today I just put on my "big girl panties" and dealt with it My biggest obstacle is time management but I hope that I get faster with time. A lot of the other CNA's are bigger fans of the hospice residents, but those make me sad and are more difficult for me to deal with mentally. Today I got to be with all alert residents and enjoyed it so much (even though their call lights went off about 1000x more haha). But they were so hilarious and fun and they really like me, woo!

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