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Today's hospital setting is a busy place in need of industrious employees who can keep up with the numerous demands and multiple tasks associated with allied healthcare. Hospital unit secretaries,... Read More

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    It seems the hospitals are cutting unit secretaries and making them function as CNA's. They are needed and indispensible, but frankly they barely make a living wage. I honestly don't know how so many workers are able to pay the bills and keep a roof over their head! Why do the CEO's get millions, but the workers get peanuts! It's a sad state of affairs in America!
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    My first healthcare job was as a unit secretary. I LOVED my job and its the reason why I wanted to become a nurse.
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    Im a pct AND unit secretary in my unit with 17 beds. Vital signs-and charting them, blood sugars, showers, bathroom assistance, admits, discharges, break down and set up of rooms, transfers, charting orders, answering pt call lights and telephone, etc etc etc.....

    My position was new, so when I started I was thrown into the tigers den and had to create my own routine. Ive been at it almost a year, and not to sound cocky but I am good at my job and can juggle multiple tasks at an given time. I love the nurses I work with and I think they are an amazing team.

    I feel sorry for those who see US's as lazy or dispensable, that just makes the rest of us look bad. A hard working US/PCT can be a lifesaver.
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    I love having a unit secretary. I used to work evening shift at my previous job so there was no need for a secretary. But now I work day shift at a new job. Last Friday, we had so many call-outs campus-wide, including our unit secretary. I'm still pretty new there and I haven't fully learned every little thing at the job. I was charge nurse and the phones kept ringing and I had to make a lot of phone calls as well. It sucked. It was good in that I need to experience things like that to learn, but holy hell it wasn't fun.
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    Quote from schnookimz
    Our unit secretary's were paid 5-6 dollars an hour more than the nurses aides. They were even paid more than the LPNs. If the nurses aides cross trained to work as a unit secretary they only got an extra 1 dollar per hour. Due to this experience, I feel like we can do without this unskilled labor while the nurses aides are bending over backward to be overworked and abused.
    Yeah, thats insane! I'm cross-trained to work both and got 1.00 more because of it. The nurses used to love it when I would work because I could jump up and help or sit down and put orders in. They eventually made it so that all CNAs had to learn to do the job, although many did everything they could to get out of it. I found it really stressful, and the attitude I would get when I would call someone to tell them about something a pt. needed was just awful! I think a lot of the time the person on the other end would forget that I work the floor too, so I knew what was a reasonable reason for saying "can't do it, call the nurse" and what wasn't!
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    Quote from babygirl0124
    Well Well Well Im a unit secetary have been for 8 years now. I love my job and the nurse, cna's and doctors i work with. Although sometime it gets very hetic. Due to the fact i work the busiest shift (3pm to 11pm) we deal with a lot. On one of the post that was made it referenced cross training the cna to do a clerk job. honestly in the hospital i work in that will never work. Most times the clerks are the go to person for the floor. True enough we are covering some time 2 to 3 units in a shift. Yet We still are able to know whats going on. If im working the whole floor which is 3 different units holding 80 patients. there is never a time when anyone comes to me asking if the patient went for a test or is off the floor. Most times the nurses are so busy with their patients that they rely on us so much if we were not that i just wonder what will happen.

    when it comes to the cna's they are over worked to to add more work to them for just $1 more doesnt make sense to me. But again who am i. I know my job and i do it will. I really hate for people to bash clerks i feel until you are placed in our position you have no room to talk. Im a mother, full time student and a full time worker and i make it do what it do. I love it.
    I do both but never at the same time. I would either be scheduled to work secretary or to work Aide. This way they could pull me for either position in the event of a call out. I know both jobs inside and out and often had whoever is working secretary call me to ask questions. I love it too. It can be really under appreciated, in my opinion but I think the nurses on this forum are talking about the secretarys who sit at the computer printing coupons all night or are on facebook. Some of us do our jobs, but at least where I work there were a few who didn't.
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    I've was a unit secretary years ago in a dialysis unit. I was also a pt tech. As a pt tech I had a max of 6 patients to attend to at any given time. I truly enjoyed the interaction and did my job well. As a US I had 160 pts including all shifts. It was before computers and I did all the ordering for everything from supplies to lab work, all the chart maintenance, keeping nurse schedules, patient schedules, arranging pt transportation, finding pts who didnt show up, sending or taking patients to the hospital if needed, taking labwork to the lab, taking Dr's notes when asked, holding wound sites and a myriad of other responsibilities. All on $5.10 at the time. It was hectic, it was too much and I loved every minute. I took pride in keeping that unit running smoothly. I have much respect for US who work their tails off and make it work!
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    Where I live in Canada, hospital unit coordinators (I haven't heard the word secretary in years) are an integral part of the staff in patient care. I can't believe the rude comments on this site, are they really from nurses, whom I thought were professionals? I'm presently in a unit course program that has cost me over $5000 and came onto this site because I am concerned of the job prospects now that EMR will be taking place soon at my hospital. The people in my class come from all different backgrounds, some straight out of high school but some like myself who has already seen my past career obliterated by technology. We even have an archeologist in our class. We have so far learned medical terminology and pharmacology, I don't think we're unskilled. I worked in the newspaper industry so I spend 20 years working on computers and have plenty of skill there. I believe my biggest skill though is behaving professionally while working under pressure, so please have some respect.
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    Quote from Ottavia
    Where I live in Canada, hospital unit coordinators (I haven't heard the word secretary in years) are an integral part of the staff in patient care.
    Here in the States we call them either 'unit secretaries' or 'unit clerks.'
    Quote from Ottavia
    I'm presently in a unit course program that has cost me over $5000 and came onto this site because I am concerned of the job prospects now that EMR will be taking place soon at my hospital.
    My workplace made the conversion to the EMR last year, yet we still have a need for unit secretaries. However, the nature of their duties have changed. Instead of manually filing, applying stickers and assembling physical charts, much of the job is now computerized.

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