Double Shifts

  1. The job I was offered recently they just decided my shift will be weekend double shifts from 7 am to 11 pm. then one 3 pm to 11 pm a night during the week. Has anyone ever worked this, and how hard was it?
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  3. by   eldragon
    It's horrifically exhausting and unsafe for patient care, in my opinion.

    I have worked it several times. I did okay until about 10 pm, then almost couldn't think straight. Luckily I was working with a fresher nurse, and she let me slide when I was supposed to be checking medication orders on a new patient. I just flat out told her I didn't feel sharp enough mentally to find errors. She understood.

    Then, driving home was scary. I had driven the same streets to and from work for almost two years, and somehow I still became confused on the way home one night after a double shift. I talked to my husband on the phone the entire way, so he could keep me awake.

    So I personally would not do it, especially two days in a row. One day is bad enough, but to double back the next morning and do it again? No way.

    Just my two cents but I'd pass on that one.
  4. by   djpotential
    Thats the shift that i work. i dont mind it cause i love my residents. We get three 30min breaks a day also. I get 15.35hr for all 32hours on the weekend. However weekdays are straight time at 10.35hr until i go over 40 hrs. Then its time and 1/2. Its GREAT money for Pennsylvania.
  5. by   emmasma
    I am desperately seeking such a shift before I start school, but they are hard to find.people really hang on to them.

    Congratulations on the new job!
  6. by   djpotential
    yeah they are rare. I had to wait a year to get mine and that was within the facility. You just have to call around and ask if they have a weekend double shift program. I love it cause i get mon-fri off!!!
  7. by   KimberlyRN89
    Alot of people do double shifts @ my facility, but they usually do 7am-9pm or 11pm-1pm..never the full 16 hrs. Mainly its a census related reasoning; our building can hold 60 residents but its been down for the most part of the yr. How comfortable are you with working a double shift?
  8. by   escapebigd
    I did as a waitress years ago, but this will be my first job period as a CNA or in any health care setting. So I'm relly nervous about it. I think it will work great with me and my son, but I just don't know if my body can handle it.
  9. by   lorelei1973
    I know several RN's at my hospital who do 2 16s and an 8 and LOVE IT and wouldn't trade it for anything. The idea of having 4 days off in their opinion is well worth the long hours on workdays. But ultimately it comes down to what you can handle. As a CNA doing the tough "dirty work" and not much else, it will test your physical and mental stamina. I know CNA's who do back to back doubles 5 days a week because the OT is available. They're no worse for wear; they're automatons. You have to think about how this will impact your life and how you feel about being on your feet for all those hours. For some it seems effortless, for others it's hazardous to themselves and their patients. Consider what you think you can handle before you agree to the schedule. Living on Red Bull and coffee isn't the magic bullet for everyone.

    If you aren't sure because you've never worked that many hours straight before, ask for a trial period. And if they tell you this is all we have, otherwise hit the road, I'd be looking around at other jobs just in case this is unmanageable.
  10. by   deb05363
    I worked like that this summer. It is hard to work at getting people up and then also putting them to bed. However, proper spacing of your breaks and eating properly will help you get through the day. Dedication and respect for the people you are caring for is essential. An adequate trial period will get your feet wet and see if you can handle it.
  11. by   Misslady113
    Wow! One double shift for me can be pretty tiring. Your doing TWO in a row???? My goodness good luck. I've worked double shifts in retail before and could handle it. But as a CNA I think the labor of the work makes the double that much unbearable. I always felt fine until I would stand still, then I would feel horrible. When I got home I would be disoriented and going to sleep would be almost uncomfortable because my brain wouldn't keep still. I would be like twitching in the bed cause I think my body was still geared up to work. But I would always have the next day or two off to recouperate. Your going to be getting right up again the next morning about 5 or six and have to do it all over AGAIN!!!! Omg!!!

    A double is longer than the typical 12 hour shift a nurse puts in. I strongly recommend that you try to find some other way to spread out your shifts. Even if you do one double it would be better than two. Or maybe a double and one next day shift. Don't exhast yourself for the job. And make sure if your going to be overworking your job offers disability. Cause if something happens to you on the job cause your so tired, and you don't have some kind of workers compensation, you will be paying out of pocket. Good luck to you.:heartbeat
  12. by   CandyGyrl1985
    I work Monday - Friday 9-9.... I love it
  13. by   escapebigd
    How do you handle all the hours?
  14. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I wouldn't like that one bit. I've done 12-hour shifts... 7a-7p and 11a-11p. Those are tolerable, but still make for a long day. The 7-7 is a lot easier because you never stop and slow down. After 9pm the LTC becomes excruciatingly slow and boring. If you've already put in 14 hours it's going to be hard to stay awake and drag yourself through your last rounds.

    When I worked the PM shift I'd get home by 11:30 and I couldn't fall asleep for at least a few hours. I can't imagine having to wake up again at 6 in the morning after that.

    You might get more days off but to me it wouldn't be worth it because I'd be dreading those long days all week. And then you have that 3-11 halfway through... ehh.