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  1. 0 Hi all I am new to this site and am a pre-nursing student and also I am going to be getting my CNA this December (Hopefully!). I was just wondering if they take cna's on the OR floor? does anybody know? I want to work in a hospital and the OR is where my interest is! Any suggestions/tips would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
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    I have never seen a CNA working in an OR. Usually there are surgical tech's in the OR which is a different program from the CNA. Maybe you could try a PACU. Most hospitals use CNA's in the PACU. Good Luck.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply! Another silly question...what exactly is a PACU?
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    PACU is where people go to recover after surgery.
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    PACU= post anesthesia care unit. Seriously, I can't imagine a CNA in the OR. I've been a CNA for three years, I'm a nursing student, I know lots about sterile technique and...if I were in the OR, I would undoubtedly screw something up. Surgery is an area that no CNA class I've ever heard of covers, and it's so critical that the staff involved should definitely be more qualified than a CNA.
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    Med-surg is probably the closest one would get with only a CNA. If youre getting your RN, perhaps you want to look into the medsurg for your cna if youre interested in doing scrub nursing
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    We have one CNA in our PACU. None in OR.
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    probably not in the OR, but you could look into being a procedure tech. Or ou could look for work as a CNA on another floor. Good luck!

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