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    Does anyone have evidence as to the practice of an MA within Connecticut?
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    MA and CNA in my state(Texas) is not the same job . I have been both and it's different. As a CNA I could not do what i do as an MA draw blood, woundcare(irrigate/dressing chges, pack wnds), d/c sutures/staples,remove foley caths,d/c j-pratt, administer injections, call in meds, take doctor's verbal oders/give verbal orders, start IV's,asisst the MD with surgical procedures, instruct and teach pt's about their medical condition.The list goes on and on...
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    Quote from Miwila
    Agree to disagree. I am all for people acquiring as much education as they're able to work into their lives but we also shouldn't presume everyone else wants the exact same lifestyle we ourselves consider to be ideal. "Good" money should depend on whether someone earns enough to live their version of a happy life and take care of their personal responsibilities without being a burden on other people. Not everyone feels deprived if they can't live in a four bedroom house with a two car garage. Maybe they find their joy and fulfillment in other things. It's a matter of personal preference. So again while I do believe in furthering education, if someone earns 18k and manages it correctly, then whether or not they are making "good" money really depends on their personal preferences.
    I know this is an old post . but damn this is so true. its seems like its all about impressing people with how much money you make or trying to push this idea that money is everything. I want a job that doesnt require a lot of schooling. My husband makes "good money" as a pharmacist. So I dont have to work. i want to, for my own self. $18 would be nice change to spend on myself or put away every once in a while. It almost feels like some are "slighted" or offended if not everyone is obsessed with making what other people perceive to be a lot of money.there are doctors making a lot of money, who are miserable and on the verge of suicide. I would love to have the medical role without all of the aggravation of being a nurse. my sister is a RN and she has told me all about it. I do not want to be an RN. I know what my personality is like and what i can handle.