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CNA starting wage?

  1. 0 Hello new CNA here,

    I am curious about CNA starting wages, I was offered a job at a skilled nursing facility at the starting wage of $10.00/hr I have worked many manual labor jobs and this is about the same starting wage as the jobs I had previously. I would have thought having a certificate would at least bump it to $13.00 - $14.00 / hr at least. Planning to go into a Nursing Program, but need to work in the mean time.

    Anyone know if $10.00/hr starting is poor, average, or good?

    Thank you.
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    My starting wage at a LTCF in WI was $11.08 an hour. No prior health experience. I'm sad to say that some CNAs make a lot less than $10!
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    Hmm, okay thanks, this might be good experience regardless.
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    Average/normal. And in many ways, being a CNA is much like manual labor. You'll certainly be just as tired after a shift as you would be from doing landscaping.
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    10 is average. Around here we start out between 8 - 9.
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    Quote from LaterAlligator
    Average/normal. And in many ways, being a CNA is much like manual labor. You'll certainly be just as tired after a shift as you would be from doing landscaping.
    Yep! I am in Central Ohio and started at $9/hour, and it is the most physically exhausting job I have ever had.
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    I have heard this varies. I saw a posting in Ohio and the fed gov't was offering $16/hr but that was without benefits. I have friends who started around $12/hr or so in the hospital setting. If you are state tested that will boost your earning potential by a few dollars per hour as well.

    Best Wishes
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    Here in west Texas, the going rate at all local homes is 7.50/hr. When I quit to go to school a year ago I made 7.33 with 2 years experience. 10 an hour here would be a Godsend! People with years of experience rarely ever top 9.
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    Back in 2007, I started out at $11 an hour on day shift... assisted living facility. I now make $14.75 on nights.
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    this is simple folks the reason for the lower wage for new graduate cna's is due to the fact that new cna's are a huge question mark. Management is taking a risk in hiring those with less than a year experience. The questions are can this cna handle the work load and will they be able to complete their tasks in a timely manner. Or will they fall apart after they have been trained? So why start them at a higher wage. always remember in most LTC the bottom line is the bottom line. 7.50 / hr for an experienced LTC cna is stupid that person need to go somewhere else.
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    I get 8.75 in KY, so would gladly welcome 10. Really, it depends where you are.
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    I started out at 10.75 in 2007 in a low cost of living area, my very last job as a STNA was $12.50/hour. I had no idea how common low CNA pay was till I started on this site. There is no way I would do that hard of a job for $9, it's such hard work and a crime to pay that little.
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    I think CNA pay is relative to union penetration, cost of living and minumum wage. In Seattle, minimum wage is $9.19 (it's actually a Washington State minimum wage law) - the highest in the nation. CNAs get $12-13 per hour to start. Seattle is a union town, so many nurses are in a union. Having unions raises the pay rate of many people, not just those in unions. And since minimum wage is high, cost of living is also high. Finally, it depends on unemployment rate: Seattle has a low unemployment rate, relative to some parts of the country.