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  1. Hi all, thank you in advance for your time. I really need some help! I have decided that I want to become a CNA, but have no idea on where and what is good about programs in the Bay Area. If anyone has any information, it will be helpful, and very very appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Try the local adult schools in your area. Some community colleges offer the program. Good luck!
  4. by   KarmaWiseRaven
    Most of your nursing homes offer a class and your clinicals are apart of your class you earn while you learn. Good luck its about 9 weeks long the work is hard so be ready for it.And even the test to get the cirt is not hard Good Luck.
  5. by   GigiNYC
    There is a very good school in South San Francisco
    NCP college of Nursing, 1-800-339-5145,
    website is look into it, it has CNA and Nursing classes.
  6. by   CANurse415
    I am also looking for a CNA program in the Bay Area but I'm finding most of the locations on the website are no longer offering them. I work 8am to 5pm M-F...Are there any NIGHT nursing classes out there? The ones I think are evening start at3pm in the afternoon.

    I really want to become a nurse, but it seems like I would have to change jobs, but I can't get into the med field without certifications, but I can't get the certification unless I find a job that has wacky hours. HELP! Do any of you have any advice for someone who HAS to work full time?
  7. by   Sensoria17
    VIP Nursing in San Leandro has an evening program but it is in a very bad area. I started going there but didn't complete it because a girl and myself were waiting for our rides and she got robbed by some thugs.

    For the OP, I don't know exactly where you are located but the instructor at Nightingale in Pleasant Hill is very nice. I didn't attend there but my LVN class shared the same clinical site (a very nice nursing home).
  8. by   ZAR963
    I'm not sure exactly where in the bay area you're located, but the Sonoma/Mendocino County Red Cross has a CNA program that is 4 weeks full time and 8 weeks part time (4hrs/day) morning or nights.

    I'm planning on doing that program (the 8 week) in december-febuary. I haven't registered yet because the class schedule for my school for spring isn't posted yet (though they said it would be today, which is frusterating) and I need to make sure it will work out with my class schedule because it goes into the first month of the spring semester.

    The red cross program costs $1145 and it includes books, tuition and everything else except scrubs.
    The program is located in Santa Rosa so if you live south of San Francisco it might be a long drive, but if you live more in the north bay, which I do, it might be good for you.

    Hope this helps!!
  9. by   ZAR963
    You know, now that I think about it, the San Francisco Red Cross might have a CNA course too. I think I remember looking that up when I was searching for programs. I just looked and I didn't see amnything, but I might not have been looking hard enough.

    And I looked at NCP too, and it is pretty expensive, especially for a CNA course. I don't know if that is an issue but I thought I'd let you know.
  10. by   cbigg22
    does anybody know of any specific courses in San Jose or surrounding areas. Does san jose have a red cross program? thank you for your time..
  11. by   ZAR963
    I do not think that the San Jose Red Cross (Which is the "Santa Clara Red Cross, San Jose") has a CNA program. Not many do. You may want to check out their website, I looked briefly but I didn't have much luck. Hope you find something!
  12. by   caliotter3
    The last time I was in the San Jose Red Cross office I saw a group of individuals waiting to be tested for their CNA. Some Red Cross offices do the testing only, as far as I know, these people were only being tested there. They did not take their CNA course at that office. You might give them a call and ask. You can go in person and get a copy of their classes. They offer CPR and other related courses too.
  13. by   cbigg22
    hello,just curious.Is it hard to find CNA jobs in the bay area right now? Anything will help. I want to do CNA because I had heard that it is a great stepping stone to become an RN. I was just wondering if anybody had any idea if this a good idea or should I look into other programs. Thank you so much!
  14. by   cna2b
    This reply might be too late, but it could help others who are just starting to get into a CNA program.
    I have researched schools and looked into the website of the Dept of Health to check which are approved. At first, I just really want to enter a training program and become a CNA. Then I realized I had so many options to choose from like class schedule, tuition and fees, clinical rotation, location, pass rate and the school itself.
    After spending many days and hours of research, I decided to go to Northern California Nursing Academy in Daly City. The reputation of their pass rate says a lot, but talking to them over the phone is even better. I had a hard time with other schools because they just want my money.
    Anyways, here's their info -
    Weekend and Weeknights Class: Yes
    Pass Rate: 100%

    Good luck!
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