CNA - how do you get into a hospital instead of Convalescent Home?

  1. Hello-
    New CNA in California. I just started at a Convalescent Hospital and it really is not enough money to pay my bills and feed my kids. I tried for months to get into a hospital but they said no .. no critical care experience. So apparently my Nursing Home work won't get me in either?

    How do you get your start?

    Are there some hospital non-nursing jobs that are easier to get so I am at least applying as an internal candidate?

    I may have to work two jobs to do this.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Most hospitals won't hire a CNA unless they have 1-2 years of nursing experience in a nursing home first.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    It all depends on the organization. I started back in 09 just 1 month after I got my CNA license and had no prior experience in the medical field at all. I was lucky enough to start as a Mother/Baby tech. 3 years later I'm now an OB Scrub Tech in L&D. And now finishing general classes towards a BSN. I'm in Florida by the way.
  5. by   Paws2people
    I was only offered jobs in hospitals (with no prior experience) when I began my job search for CNA positions. I applied everywhere, and to my suprise, hospitals were more interested in me. Apply to hospitals, it can't hurt. I didn't know anyone, and I landed an excellent position in one. I have a strong, long (yes, 2 pages) rsum, and it made a world of difference. I was told it made me stand out. I only had 2 long term jobs and clinicals listed, and HR loved it. I suggest you tweak your rsum, and apply to hospitals (med/surg, med/tele, whatever floor interests you). Good luck
  6. by   Blackcat99
    You all lucked out. When I worked in Washington state, the CNA's told me that the hospitals told them that they wouldn't hire them until they had 1-2 years of working in a nursing home.
  7. by   malamud69
    Keep applying! Apply Apply Apply!!! I was in the same boat and just kept applying to every job open in the hospital...finally "the call" and I was offered more than one position! I also started in LTC as well as being a nursing student, letting them know that and having a "current" and strong resume...I heard all the stories of 1-2 years needed much of it is tenacity and being in the right place at the right time. Funny once I was hired I came to know many people there that were hired with 0 years experience...all those "qualifications" are usually just put up to weed people out...apparently it works. Good Luck...
  8. by   teason4
    I started my first job as a cna at a nursing home I actually worked there five years until I got tired of it and I started applying at the local hospital it took me quiet a while until I finally got a call and interview. I applied almost every time I seen a new job posting and that is what you have to do sometimes. I have now been at that hospital six years and also receive my cna II while there
  9. by   daisymay36
    Apply as often as you can! I was a medical assistant with only 6 months of experience and got hired into Medical Oncology as a PCT. I just applied for every PCT position at the hospital whenever they were posted. PCT's are paid substantially more per hour than MA's (at least around here) so I knew that's where I wanted to be. Persistence was the key for me!