CNA experience in Illinois?

  1. Hey all

    I'm in Patient Care Tech program. I'll be a CNA in September, but, everywhere I look on job boards... the employers want at least 1 year experience. Of course, there's the common complaint, "How can I get experience if you don't hire me!?"

    I was wondering if any seasoned CNAs can shed some light on this topic. I've called some agencies and they require experience, as well.

    Help! Please? I took this course so that I can provide patient care while I'm in Nursing school, but it sucks that I can't find a job that doesn't require experience.

    I spoke with a couple CNAs who worked at my program's clinical site, and they said it only took them a week to find a job after being certified.

    But HOW? Thanks for any advice in advance ladies and gentlemen
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  3. by   FutureNeoNursing
    What school are you enrolled in? Most do offer some good job leads. Try also,most of the jobs on there dont require experience and actually prefer new grads check with loyola university health system website. Its just a preference of the company,and doesnt necessarily mean they wont hire you,apply to each and every one! If all else fails you can always do home care or private duty..Good Luck
  4. by   mvm2
    I also was going to suggest Home/Private Care. I work for a Home agency as a HHA going for my Cna in Oct. and I love it! The one benifit you might like since you will be going to school is that many agencies work around your schedule. You can tell them which shifts and days work best for you, and you can say how much you want to work. Now I am not saying that your schedule will be perfect because sometimes you don't get all the hours you may desire, and sometimes they may ask you to take on an extra shift. But over all it is not too bad.
  5. by   newworld
    I couldn't find job without experience either.
  6. by   chorkle
    The nursing home where I did CNA clinicals accepted applications from several in the class; don't know how many may have been hired.

    Volunteering for an unpopular schedule may help. I wanted only PT work, weekends only; no trouble getting a position.

    Also, some LTCF may let you work as a "resident assistant" or some such, pending receiving your notice of having passed the CNA requirements; in other words, it can be possible to be working before getting notice of having passed.

    (Of course, in Illinois you don't get a certificate on paper, or even a number; prospective employers are supposed to look you up on-line in the health care worker registry; or queries can be made by telephone, supposedly, or by snail mail.)