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  1. 0 Hello everyone!! I'm currently a CNA and I'm school taking Phlebotomy and the EKG Technician programs. I'm taking them both separately. I was wondering if the anyone knows what the going pay rate is for new hire PCT's? Do you think it's best to use each certification separately?
    In Connecticut. :spin:
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    idk, how much the ekg rate is but i am also a cna and plan to take the phleb course in 2 weeks, and i spoken to a phleb that travels and she make $12+ and paid milage here in TX.
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    Not sure about Connecticut, but I'm also in a PCT Classes(IL) and our Phelb tech make about 12-15 an hr.
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    Thank you both for responding...I just gotta put my resume out there and see what responses I get...Then I'll be getting ready for the LPN program starting in May 2010!
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    Well I do PCT/EKG at my hospital and the going rate for here is about 10 bux an hour....but there are so many different variables that have to factor in here....I work the floor and i also do unit I do three seperate jobs but its under one title calles a patient support all in all about 14 bux an hour here (not my actual pay...i also get shift diff and weekend diff as well)
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    Hello, I think the pay rate always varies on who and where you work. I was a CNA and went through a hospital, and got paid $12.50/hr to become a PCA, where I learned EKG's, cardiac monitors, how to cath, phlebotomy, sterile wound care etc... then I made $13.75/hr in the hospital. My last job was at $15.25/hr in home health care, I begin LPN school November 2009... Good Luck!!
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    Thank you both for responding...information is helpful...Katrenia04 what state are you in...I'm looking to go back to school for LPN also...but looking for a school that's not so in ct the lpn programs at the private schools are 30,000+...