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    hellow everybody!!!! im new to this site. i was just wondering if anybody knew of a fast track cna class in the ventura county trying to get into the ventura college rn program with my friend, but hes already has cna, and i guess im falling behind....if there arent any fast track cna programs out here, anybody know of any cna classes other than ventura college or moorpark college?

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    I think college of the canyons in Valencia has a 6- week morning class.
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    thanks but i was hoping somewhere a little closer to home
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    hi tdawg. you should look into professional medical center institute in thousand oaks. they have a cna course and i believe it's 8 weeks long. i'm not sure how much it cost but its a short course. hope this helps :d

  6. 0 a nursing instructor recommended this .
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    awsome thank you guys sooo much!!!! if anybody else is looking, [color=#0068cf] .... it is an 8 week program, and i havent found out the cost yet, but ill be back on and tell everybody how much it costs, and how the program is, if i sign up for enrollment depends on the price
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    I went to PMCI. Not a great school, but once the class is over, CNA is easy.
    As for the price? I paid $2800....not cheap. But I got thought it. They have a payment plan, like @500 every two weeks. Dont miss a payment or your out the class until your up to date.(Also get a discount towards LVN, if you go to their school for CNA.)

    Bottom about PMCI...Expensive, fast, easy....if you got the money.
  9. 0 - 5 weeks full time 3 months part-time . No homework and it was easy ! I believe program costs $1499
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    Yep, I'm enrolled in Trinity's weekend only class right now, in Canoga Park. But they just started a Ventura class. They offer a full time 5 week class as well.
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    but is trinity state approved certified?

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