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  1. EC22

    cna class ventura county

    hi tdawg. you should look into professional medical center institute in thousand oaks. they have a cna course and i believe it's 8 weeks long. i'm not sure how much it cost but its a short course. hope this helps
  2. EC22

    CNA at Ventura College

    Ive looked for a cheap LVN school but the only one I found is in Simi Valley and its a full time class and therefore I am unable to take it as I work full time. I want to try and get a job after the cna course to get more experience in the nursing field and hopefully one day become an RN Ive heard that its a long waiting list at both Ventura and Moorpark colleges for their nursing program. I just hope I pass all the pre-reqs to get my name placed on the waiting list.
  3. EC22

    CNA at Ventura College

    Hi work&play! Thanks for the info Ive been told that i should take an LVN course instead of the CNA but here in Ventura County the LVN course is too expensive!! But im looking forward to the CNA class, I hope I get a good experience out of it. Thanks once again for your input. Good luck with your chemistry class. Let me know how that goes as i will be taking it next semester
  4. EC22

    CNA at Ventura College

    I was just wondering if anyone here has taken the CNA course at Ventura College. I will be taking it this Fall and i would like to know what i should expect from the course. Is it easy to find a job after completing the course? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks :)
  5. EC22

    CCI In Ventura CA

    Hi dischickwidTLC, The meeting with the rep went ok. She was a little rude and really didn't answer all my questions =( They do offer financial aid but they wont tell you for how much you qualify until you take the entrance exam which I think is a bummer! I talked to some of the students there and they seem to like the teachers and the class itself but im still debating wheter to go there or not since it cost $25,000.00. Im also looking into going to Simi Valley Adult School. Im not sure where you live but you should try looking into the Simi school i believe the cost there is about $6,000.00. I hope this helps =) Let me know if you find anything better.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has attended or know anything about West valley occupational center. I have heard good things about it but I will like to know a little bit more. Any input from studenst will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. EC22

    CCI In Ventura CA

    Hi. I am new to this forum and I saw that you started CCI in Ventura. I am looking into going there, I have an appointment to meet a rep on Monday. I would like to know if you like it there and if its worth the money. Any input will be great. Thanks:thankya:
  8. HI. I am intrested in taking an LVN program but i cant seem to find one. I am looking for a program either in San Fernando or Ventura County. Anyone have any ideas of schools? I really appreciate your help.
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any info on this school or has taken a course and if there are any pre-requisites one has to take to get into the program for example? I am planning to enroll in a LVN program and that school is the only one closed by.