Can you get your licence for a cna if your under 18? Can you get your licence for a cna if your under 18? | allnurses

Can you get your licence for a cna if your under 18?

  1. 0 I"m going to school right now to get my CNA
    i am only 16 but turn 17 next month
    so can i take my state board test if i am under 18?
    or do i have to wait another year to do that??
    I REALLY dont want to wait!
    does anyone know?


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    It all depends on the state in which you want to become a CNA. Many states will allow a 16-year-old person to become a CNA. I live in Texas, which is one of those states.

    You will need to place a telephone call to your state's CNA registry to discover if you're permitted to become certified at your age. Good luck to you!
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    I was a CNA at 16 in NY,so it is possible.Like the poster above stated just check with you BON.Good luck to you!

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    In Ohio, yes. I took my class at 16 and was working at 17. It'd be best to check with your state.
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    In California some high schools offer the class. So I'm assuming you can.
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    I met some girls who got their CNA license while in high school. Your best bet is to check your state board of nursing though. good luck!
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    Thanks much!
    That helped (:
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    Yup yup

    I suggest looking up your state's board of nursing website. It'll give you all of the information you need and even point you in the direction of some classes.
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    It depends on the state you're in. You'll come to find there are many states that require you to be 18 years of age or older. I have seen in a a few cases I've ran across that students did have to wait until they turned 18 to get their crappy as that is, but your state may be different so check it out! Good luck!
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    Some people would subtly hint that CNAs aren't licensed,
    but that's not me hehe

    What I meant to say was welcome aboard, we'll be passing through some rough weather ahead but the temperature at our destination is a balmy 85 with sunny skies. Thank you for choosing to fly CNAirlines!

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