Can I transfer my CNA to California?

  1. 0 Hi all, I am currently certified in Louisiana and plan on moving back to my homestate of Cali. I have had extreme difficulty in contacting or getting a response from Cali to verify if I can transfer my current CNA out there. Anyone in Cali that may happen to know what the procedure is and can it be done? I did speak to one person from an agency for a job posting and asked if I could do this and she replied... NO. You have to go through a school and certification all over again. Really? Any info or advice. Would really appreciate ya.
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    some places will let you challenge the state test in california.
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    yes, you can. transfer is done by a process called reciprocity. the instructions on how to do this are detailed in the california "aide and technician certification facts" booklet on pages 6 and 7 (pages 12 and 13 of the pdf file). this booklet can be downloaded online from a pdf file here ( you can also link into it from the nurse aid registry home page ( this is a copy of what the booklet says:
    reciprocity applicants

    with implementation of the omnibus budget reconciliation act (obra) for nurse assistant training requirements in april 1992, california was instructed by the health care financing administration to offer nurse assistant certification to anyone who is listed on any state's nurse assistant registry as:
    • in "good standing" (having no findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of residents' property) and
    • "active" (maintained on the state nurse assistant registry as having met the obra training requirements and having provided nursing services at least one day, for pay, in the previous 24 months).
    reciprocity applicants, who have been verified by the prospective employer with the respective state's registry (see page 20) as meeting federal requirements in the united states, should submit the following to atcs:
    • a completed hs-283b application form (;
    • a copy of their state-issued certificate (this is not mandatory but they must indicate the state in which they are certified);
    • proof they have worked providing nursing services at least one day for pay in the last two years (this is only required if they received their certificate more than two years ago);
    • a copy of the completed bcii 8016 live scan form, (see page 19). you must wait until you move to california to obtain fingerprints through this method. fingerprint cards are not acceptable.
    reciprocity applicants may work as cnas (unless they receive a letter of denial from atcs) if the facility:
    • has verified the applicant is on the respective state's registry in good standing and has active status. some states do not provide information regarding "status." in those states, as long as the name is listed, the cna is considered "active."
    • has proof that the applicant has worked at least one day for pay providing nursing services in the last 24 months.
    • has proof that the cna has applied to atcs for certification.
    reciprocity applicants may not work as cnas if:
    • they do not have "active" status on their respective states' registries and are unable to get their certificates or registry status reactivated in their previous state.
    • their certificates or registry status have been expired or inactive for less than two years. these applicants may be allowed to take the competency evaluation in california without having to retrain by following the "equivalency applicant" instructions on page 6. (after these applicants have passed the competency evaluation, they may work unless they receive a denial letter from atcs.)
    • their certificates or registry status have been inactive for more than two years in their respective states. these applicants must retrain and successfully complete the competency evaluation to receive a california nurse assistant certificate. (after these applicants have passed the competency evaluation, they may work pending receipt of a certificate or denial letter.)
    hope this is the information you were looking for. good luck to you.
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    I was able to transfer my certification from Vermont to California through reciprocity. It wasn't too difficult to do. What took the longest was getting my finger prints and background check done. Good luck!
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    I am a CNA here in Louisiana and would like to transfer or do the Reciprocity for the state of texas, or if we have another hurricane and have to evacuate, i cn work while waiting to come back to La., and also if there's a whole-lot of damage like Katrina-Rita, i'm not coming back to La. and i coan go ahead and start establishing myself there. If anyone knows the web-site address here in Louisiana, it would be very helpful.
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    Quote from Irishowl
    I was able to transfer my certification from Vermont to California through reciprocity. It wasn't too difficult to do. What took the longest was getting my finger prints and background check done. Good luck!
    How many weeks/months did it take to finally get your CA certification?
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    I was finger printed at the begining of November and by mid January I had my license. One month later I had a job and I've been at that hospital over 6 years now. Good luck!

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    Can you work as a CNA in CA while waiting for fingerprints to be processed? Or can you apply for reciprocity prior to moving to CA?

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