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assesment, and reasessment, IV push and so on so forth. Just like Physical Therapists Assistants are not Physical Therapists, Pharmacy Techs are Not Pharmicists, Deacons are not priests, Physician... Read More

  1. by   tinikilpn2
    I just want to ad I'm not an RN hater; I will beginning classes on Monday for mine but everyone needs to keep in mind that all medical professionals including nursing assistants are important and no one should try to down play anyone else to make them feel better about the profession they chose. -- and so I don't sound too crazy I am responding to a post from "downsouthlaff"
  2. by   tenn_bsnstudent
    Quote from tokmom
    You forgot CNA's that think they are MD's. I work with one of those...

    Ughhhh oh my gosh I know!!!! Some of these CNA's that think they are nurses and a few LPN's I work with think they are doctors. Those are the absolute worst!!! Then a few nurses think they are physical therapists saying we need to walk someone down the hall who is not stable. I say unless a physical therapist tells me to do something, no. That is not their scope of practice!

    And about the people who think the SLP's don't know what they are talking about, that kills me! A patient at work was on nectar thickened and pureed food after they SLP did a swallow test on her. The CNA was too lazy to sit down and feed the woman. So she gave the woman a sandwich (since she actually liked them). The woman ended up aspirating because she couldn't swallow the sandwich like she was supposed to. She got sick and passed away a few weeks ago all because of it. I know it can get frustrating but that is just pure laziness! Like some people do not need to be providing care to others if they don't want to put forth the effort! Kills me!