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in order to streamline the threads on this topic, i ask that everyone that passes their nursing assistant certification test to please post it in this thread as oppose to starting a separate one. i appreciate everyone's help with... Read More

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    Just got home, I passed my exams today!!!!
    My skills were: Handwashing, Weight of Client, ROM on knee & ankle, Foot Care & Cleaning denture
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    I passed Friday March 19th!!! I had to do blood pressure, Ambulation and foot care. Now I am a CNA and ready to find a job. If you know anywhere hiring around the melbourne area of Florida let me know!
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    Do you mean Friday, March 18th? My son's 9-month birthday was Saturday, March 19th. But anyway, Congradulations!!
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    CONGRATS ALL...I passed mine on November 10th,2010. I had to do Pulse & Respirations, Hair & Nail Care and Change of Position. ( I know lucky rite? ) It was great && alot easier than i picture it. The nurse was very relaxed which helped calm me. Luckily the school i went to prepared me for EVERYTHING : )
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    I passed my PA state exam today!!!

    My skills were: hand washing, 2 step blood pressure, (which I was dreading and of course I ended up with!) feeding a resident, range of motion for the knee and ankle, and nail care. We only had 30 minutes to complete all 5!!!

    I felt bad because a couple of the girls from my training class failed today. It was sad...

    Soooo glad it's over! I'm already working in a LTC where I did my clinicals but happy to say I'm now an official CNA!:heartbeat
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    I challenged the CNA exam in Florida and passed on March 8th. I took the 1 week cram course at Medical Prep Pinellas for $279.00 in July of 2010 and finally got around to taking the skills were position change, perineal care and measure/record urine output..and of course handwashing...the hard part was being the patient and watching the other tester skip steps that would cause them to fail...I finish my pre req's this fall and then it's onto the thing I did for the skills test is to say everything while you do helped me to remember all of the steps...
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    hot diggity dog!!!! i passed . . . oh my god you won't believe how hyped i am!!

    ocuppied bed
    electric shaving

    i was so anxious this morning . . . could barely stand myself . . . and i passed!! man o man, does this feel good!
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    I passed my MA CNA exam today!! :heartbeat
    My skills were denture care and positioning pt/resident on the right side. I guess I kind of lucked out.
    I got really nervous & fumbled a little but I corrected myself and kept it together!!
    Now I can't wait to start working. I am so proud of myself & congrats to all of you as well.
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    about 7 months late but i passed

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