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in order to streamline the threads on this topic, i ask that everyone that passes their nursing assistant certification test to please post it in this thread as oppose to starting a separate one. i... Read More

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    I finally found this topic, saw it once before but couldn't remember where. I passed my state exam here in Florida on july14th, finally after waiting since may 5th when I graduated from school. Now I have to wait until the 30th of July to get my license number. Amazing thing is, I have already had 2 first interview with just my test results showing I passed.

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    I passed my CNA test! I was a little nervous but I did it. It just gives me more confidence that I can be a nurse!
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    I passed my Ohio CNA exam today!!! The 23rd would have made 2 yrs since I took my classes so if I can do it, so can anyone else!!!
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    I passed the Written on 7/13/12 & the Skills on 8/7/12. Now I'm just waiting for my license number to show up on the CDPH in California.
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    I passed my Wisconsin CNA exam on 8/8/12!!! I was super nervous but I did well!
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    Just found out I passed my AZ CNA exam first try!
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    I passed mine today in Georgia! The skills I got were - hand washing, blood pressure, nail care on one hand, ambulate with a gait belt and range of motion exercises for knee and ankle.
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    I passed Thursday August 23rd 2012......
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    I passed Aug. 24 in happy
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    A little late but when I checked the nurse aid registry I got my license on the 3rd of August! Was an exciting day! Another step out of the way to RN!!

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