1st or 2nd shifts?

  1. Hi. I just got a job and I got hired at a nursing home as CNA. I'm currently in an evening nursing program and I have never worked a job related to nursing so I am very nervous and anxious about starting :uhoh21: I have to choose either 1st 7-3 or 2nd 3-11 shift soon, I am thinking evenings because I'm very new to this, but I was encouraged for mornings by the hiring people and my family/partner, I do want to spend time with my family. But I wonder if mornings are a lot more hectic because I really don't want to panic and get anxious lol.

    How is a typical morning schedule like? Evening? Thanks.
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  3. by   Abigail612
    Were you are in an eveing program you may find the day shift more accomidating to your school schedual. I have worked all shifts and there really is not an easier shift to get orintated to. Day shift tends to have a steady pace and some people find it hard to keep up however there is usually higher staffing and less of a work load. Evening shift tends to be a little more laid back but the staffing on evenings is lower meaing heavier work load and there are a lot more behaviors due to sun downing and many people find that they can not take that much stress. I have personally found that people adjust faster to the high pace of day shift faster than they adjust to the stress of evenings. I am not sure how flexible your new boss is but maybe you can ask them to give you an orientation day on each shift so you can have a better idea which shift will be the best for you. Good Luck with your new job and school!
  4. by   SlaveHeart
    *If* I could pick a shift to work with at a LTC I would choose to work the AM shift because my clinical for the CNA class I took was 7am-3pm three days a week for a month, so I know what to do for AM care! What shift did you do your training during?
    Also if you are in an evening nursing program how could you work from 3pm to 11pm? Or do you just have class a couple days a week? If you can schedule work on days when you don't have school then I'd go with the evening just so you have a consistent schedule. If you have to work on days you do have school then work mornings to make time for class.
    Oh and congratulations on the new job!
  5. by   WannaBNursey
    I've staffed both, and the AM shifts are freaking amazing! No odd behaviors, the night shift usually does the baths, there's more help and lower CNA to PT ratio. I find that things tend to go quickly in the 7-3 shift because of the 2 meals, so there's no time to really get bored. If there's no shift differential pay, I would go with the 7-3
  6. by   mindyfromcali
    I've worked all the shifts, and it depends on your preference. If you can keep up, go with AMs, the day does go by super quick. PMs do have more behaviors, but it's less of a rat race IMO. Keep in mind for AMs you have to bathe them, get them out of bed, cart them off to two meals, and there is more administration running around. PMs the admin is gone most of the shift, so you have some room to breathe. Not that I was too worried about the admin, but it just seemed like everyone was more stressed during AMs.
  7. by   Band
    Thank you Abigail - I will ask my boss; she seems flexible, I am leaning towards the day shift. I've heard of sundowning... I am glad you mentioned the staffing, so I guess the workload should be about the same
    Thanks Heart - I did my training (or nursing clinicals) evenings, which were vitals, meds, feeding, oral care, bathing/ pericare, getting ready for bed basically. Oh! Sorry, forgot to mention, I am set for part time, so i would only work 2 days and every other weekend and then class 3 days a week.
    Meghan - Thanks, I also would like to keep busy, but I'm worried about getting burnt out. The difference would be 50c more in evenings. I am thinking of doing 7-3 too
    Mindy - I would love for the day to go by quick and have time later for family/friends - ty for the input
  8. by   SlaveHeart
    I would go for the 3-11 shift then! It is what you are familiar with, and possibly even have experience with sundowning, plus it is around when you will be resetting your reticular activating system as awake time since you are doing school during evenings. I think having a set daily routine will help with some of the stress of working and school o you don't have to wake up at 6 am one day then noon the next. As for worrying about keeping busy, bring a book or some flashcards after all you are going to be in nursing school and need extra time to study!
    The only thing that would change my mind is if you had school age kids that would have to be at school during the day and then daycare at night if you worked...
    Good luck!