State of CA CNS vs. NP

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    Are they the same in California? Does anyone know? Can CNS also prescribe meds, diagnose, etc?
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    Here is a link for (hopefully) the info you are requesting:
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    I have looked at that site and it still doesnt answer my questions. It is so general. I basically want to know: 1) Can I diagnose? 2) Write orders? 3) Write prescriptions 4) Order & Interpret diagnostic labs & tests

    In other words, do what Doctors, NPs do....
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    I have never heard of any nurse having prescriptive authority other than a NP.
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    According to this link: as late as 2008, there was no prescriptive authority for CNS.
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    If you want to prescribe and that is not allowed, join an APN organization and legislate to get prescriptive authority.
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    I have the same question regarding CNS vs. NP, but in Florida...anybody have a link for some info ??
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    Also, does anybody know if CNS' in FL are considered advanced practice nurses?? Thanks in advance !!
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    Nope - doesn't look like CNS's are APRNs in FL:

    "Florida will recognize the title CNS as an upgrade to the RN license but CNSs will not have the title of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). "
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    Thanks everyone for the great info! That was very helpful and will help me in making my decision on Masters programs.