Does anyone know of a perioperative NP or CNS program? Does anyone know of a perioperative NP or CNS program? | allnurses

Does anyone know of a perioperative NP or CNS program?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of a perioperative NP or CNS program? AORN has published a position statement endorsing perioperative advanced practice nurses. I am looking for a program, preferably on-line, that specializes in the perioperative setting. I know that several programs offer ED, critical care, and other areas but I have been unable to find a MSN program that covers this niche. I currently work in a Magnet facility and they are creating positions for APNs on many of the units. My director is behind me all of the way on working to create this position.

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    Interested in this as well but don't know much...just watching...
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    What would an advanced practice nurse do in the OR? (Besides teaching or management and that would be require courses in education in management or education - not clinical skills.
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    Uniformed Services University located in Bethesda Maryland actually has a Perioperative CNS program for OR nurses who desire advanced practice nursing education in this area. There are two tracks: one prepares you for the RNFA role and the other prepares you for OR management. The only caveat about this program is that it's only for military nurses. In the military, Periop CNS nurses tend do OR Management, Research, or they run the Air Force OR Nursing Course. The Army and Navy also send their nurses to this CNS program as well. The only down side is that I don't see how these nurses would be utilized in the civilian sector since the only nurses I see with advanced degrees tend to go into Family Nurse Practitioner so they can round on the surgeons patients and also assist in the First Assist role as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am currently working in a Magnet facility and we have a great deal of input into how we want to practice as staff nurses. But there is currently a gap in education and in best practices.

    An APN in the OR would be able to institute best practices as dictated by AORN and other groups. I could also further the use of evidence based practices in clinical decision making. I would work with staff regarding education and the promotion of specialty certification, CNOR in this case.

    An APN is also a great resource for those multi-doctor, horrendous, everything but the kitchen sink cases. Our facility is also a level II trauma center and we need work on our response time for traumas. We have many new RNs that do not have the experience of some of our more seasoned adrenalin junkie staff that think on the fly. It is best for all involved to do mock scenarios rather than just throw them under the bus... I can think of so many things that would be beneficial it is difficult to list them all here. My employer is working on creating a position for a APN to fill these needs; in this economy it may take several years to gain approval so the timing is right.
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    Have you approached a university in your area that has an
    advanced degree program to see if there is an interest in offering
    a APN degree in this specialty? Some universities in our area are
    starting new programs even with the economic issues. Maybe
    AORN could give you more ideas and specific guidelines you could

    Good luck and keep us posted..
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    We have NP's work in surgery with the Dr and perform surgery (work for the Dr also, not the hospital). I too am looking for something in this area as I am looking at APN. I love the OR but really don't want management. Would love for this to be an option!
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    UAB has a combined ACNP/RNFA MSN program.
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    I'm currently pursuing my CNS with my speciality in periop nursing. I'm in an Adult Health CNS program that allows each student pick their speciality. My clinical hours are tailored to give me experiences in the periop setting. Don't rule out programs just because their titles lack perioperative. When it comes to finding a job after earning your CNS, they will look at your area of experience and expertise as well as your CNS degree.
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    Which University are you pursuing your degree through? Is it an on-line program? I need the versatility of an on-line program with clinicals in my local area.