Different roles for CNS's??? Come on guys share what you do!

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    Good evening everyone! Those of us that are CNS's have a great variety of roles/jobs and I am curious just what everyone else does. I graduated in May with a post-MSN adult CNS. Currently, I work in a large nephrology practice (11 MD's, 4 PA's, 3 NPs and me). The NPs run the outpatient chronic hemodialysis units. I am responsible for two units in the city - about 200 patients. Per Medicare guidelines, the APN's must see the patient three times per month and the MD once in order to bill the maximum. I also take ER and hospital call one weekend a month at two hospitals about 55 miles from where I live. This is only 0700-1900 on Sat/Sun. I really enjoy it and am learning so much. I have a collaborative agreement with all the doctors and have full prescribing/ordering capabilities. I also am credentialled at the three local hospitals and then the two distant ones where I take call.

    So...who's next???
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    Would love to participate here, traumaRUs.

    I'm impressed with your duties. Sounds as if you are enjoying it, too. Lots of responsibility.
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    Yes Siri and that is truly what I wanted - somewhere that I wouldn't stagnant - where I would be forced to learn and this is it!
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    Wonderful! You deserve it.

    Can't wait to read more about other CNS around the site!!
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    I would like to see more answers I am on my path to becoming a pediatric CNS and I would really like to hear more about what each specialty CNS does and if you work in a hospital or for a practice and what differs between the different roles depending on where you work. Thanks in advance.
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    What got to me was how few people know what a CNS is! My patients are all used to the NPs and I am constantly introduced as the new NP. I introduce myself as the new CNS and briefly explain that in IL, we have the same educational background and scope of practice. All the patients want to know is that I'll be there to take care of them.
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    I also graduated in May MSN-adult health. Although I am a CNS, my title is not recognized in the state of GA so legally I am not an advanced practice nurse. I am currently working in a dual role so to speak; I work in a rheumatology practice as a research nurse, but I am also a clinical nurse. We see patients in clinic two days a week and I am expected to serve as a POC for the patients, helping them manage their RA, teaching them how to take their medications, following up on labs and X-rays and other issues which come up. Again, while my title is not CNS the lead physician for the practice has made it clear that he expects for me to function at a level of a master's prepared nurse and I am being taught how to assess and examine patients for disease activity, joint counts, make suggestions for medications, dosages, etc.
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    Hi Sharon - how interesting. I actually interviewed for a position (CNS) in a hospital that would not have been advanced practice. It was more of a bedside educator role...I would have mentored the new nurses, taught new procedures, equipment, etc..

    This is so cool that we both have the same educational background, but our roles are so different. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Trauma.

    I'm glad to see this. I've never heard of a CNS before, and the differences between a CNS and NP are unclear to me (is seems that the functions and responsibilities are essentially the same???)

    Thank you for posting this thread. I'm hoping that more people with respond so that I have a better understanding.
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    here are but some of the differences/similarities of cns/np:


    nps practice in many settings from primary to specialty health care. concentrations include adult, family, gerontological, pediatric, neonatal, acute care, women's health, psychiatric/mental health as well as other specialties.


    multifaceted specialist role: cnss are expert clinicians, consultants, educators, researchers, and collaborators. cns specializations are available in a variety of clinical areas including med/surg, gerontology, parent-child, community health, acute care, trauma, mental health, and others.

    the theoretical base of np education is an integration of nursing theories and models. np practice is holistic with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention and is supported by evidence-based knowledge. family dynamics, social issues, as well as physical symptoms are addressed. advanced health assessment and an understanding of disease pathophysiology are the foundations of the np role. nps are certified in specialty areas consistent with educational preparation.

    cnss are experts in a defined area of knowledge and are certified in a particular clinical specialty. cnss obtain a graduate degree which includes coursework in advanced scientific concepts, advanced health assessment, advanced pathophysiology, research methodologies and program planning. the cns must also be skilled in budgeting and case management.

    in addition to providing direct patient care, nurse practitioners are educators, researchers, consultants, case managers, and activists. new roles continue to emerge.

    cns nursing practice is research-based; cnss promote scientific inquiry in clinical practice by utilizing current research findings and by conducting and facilitating nursing research.

    cnss provide direct and indirect care traditionally on an inpatient basis; however, many cnss may practice in a variety of settings including the hospital, ambulatory care clinics, private practice, long-term care facilities and community settings.

    np and cns - rx privileges

    view this article from medscape regarding the opportunities in advanced practice nursing;


    you might need to register, but free site.
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