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I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out there has any new information... Read More

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    I also attend this school and have 5 classes until my projected graduation in December. I can hardly wait. I have had no real complaints, but have had a few instructors that have not impressed me. They criticize for our typos, but yet their grammar is ridiculous! I can't say I have found it easy at all, but I work crazy shifts and lots of OT. Maybe if I had a set schedule it would be easier. Lots of papers!!!! I am heading into statistics and economics and I'm scared to death! I would appreciate any advice...Thanks!

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    Just finished community nsg and research, doing economics and collaborative healthcare next, capstone and history next, than done. How was economics? Easier that stats I hope?
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    I am probably starting Chamberlain this coming Monday. I've read all the reviews on this thread and of the other online schools. I've picked this school primarily based on reviews, a co-workers experience who just finished in July and their promptness with the whole process. I'm extremely scared, I've never had to write papers like I'm going to have to start doing. Anyone still having problems/concerns with this school and any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I've been taking classes since Oct 2010 and have been a nurse for 35 yrs. so I'm out of school a long time!! I am really enjoying the program and have not had any problems writing the papers. I had to learn how to use the computer better, graphing calculator for algebra, APA format and be disciplined to do the work. I am only taking one class at a time so I don't get overwhelmed and quit or get seriously behind. I started with the Assessment class because it interested me the most and if I only took that one class it would have value. It's not easy but they give you help through tutoring and support from your classmates and instructors. I'm glad I did it. In about a year I will finally have my BSN!!!
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    Oh no, I'm taking Statistics this coming session!!! Was it that bad?? Did you find Statistics to be harder than Algebra? I admire your ability to take 2 classes at once. I'm not sure that I would be able to handle that although I would love to finish faster.
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    Stats is not bad! Everyone dreads this class, but man oh man it's truely not bad if you put the time and effort in. Again, there's a live lecturer weekly (and you can reply this at ANYTIME if you can't attend the live session - I never could) and he literally TELLS you what to do. It's awesome.
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    I just finished Sociology and really didn't like it - so glad it's over with. It wasn't hard just super time consuming, and the topics I felt were a bit offensive...

    Now onto economics. Yuck. Now THAT I'm dreading.
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    Stats is time consuming, but can be done, I used tutor help from Chamberlain university here in Addison, and it is free. If you live close to a Devry go to the tutoring office, they are a huge help. And watch the live lectures every week.
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    Im in economics too now, Yuck!!
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    You will get use to the papers just follow what they call the grading rubic and hit all the points required along with APA format and you will do fine. The teachers are very willing to help whenever needed. Good luck!

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