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I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out there has any new information... Read More

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    Quote from MVgal
    I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out there has any new information about their own experience so far this year with the program? This is not my first online program, but wonder about the amount of hours weekly each course is taking??? I see that the school is accredited, but is the online program accredited also?? Is anyone else out there starting in March?
    I don't know how much people know about the online programs but there is the CCNE, and NLNAC accreditations. If the school has those or is dual accredited great. I would find out from your states board which or both are needed to practice there. Chamberlain is good and I have also heard good things about Drexyl. Do your research. So how did the financial aide work out for you for books and tuition. I am getting ready to do the same thing and thats why I was on here. PLEEEZ give me the scoop on your experience on what you did for the Financial Aide and what it will cover. Also, how soon you get your funding. Best of luck. Don't be afraid to use allnurses we will certainly help you out for sure. smiles bye the way good for you. I want to do a BSN to MSN nurse practitioner

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    Quote from JP82
    I am also looking into an online RN to BSN program. I do notice that Chamberlain does not require their students to put in any clinical hours. This seems awkward for me since other RN-BSN program I've looked at require many hours of clinicals. Will I be eligible to be certified as a Public Health Nurse after finishing Chamberlain? Thanks

    I was concerned also about not having clinical. In my review of many programs, many do not require clinical time for BSN. I asked one school, that I thought had them and the response "we assume that if you have your RN, you know how to be a nurse". They have dropped the clinical component from their program for RN to BSN. Makes sense to me.

    I'm still waiting for transfer evaluation before I make my choice, but Chamberlain is one on the list. They seem expensive, but quick. I'm looking into a few more schools in my area and then I'll compare length of time, requirements and cost. I'm not getting any younger!
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    This program is also on my list, mainly for the short period of time to complete and the lack of clinical requirements.
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    I took one class at Chamberlain 2 years ago and really liked it. The whole experience was good and I would have loved to continue. Unfortunately, it was just too expensive. We were going through a difficult financial time and had a son who was going to be starting college in a year and I just couldn't justify spending $15,000 on an education for myself. Maybe someday....
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    After reading many (and I do mean many) reviews on Chamberlain vs other schools, including sitting-at-a-desk-for-8-hours type schools, I decided to join the Chamberlain family! EXTREMELY anxious (yet excited!) Thank you everyone for all the input!
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    $15,000 is pretty steep for money to be paid out-right or pay back.

    Anybody successful in application for a government nursing education grant?
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    I have less than a month until I complete my BSN with Chamberlain and it has been a great experience! I would suggest this option to any of my RN friends.

    For me the money was a huge you mentioned seasoned, 15000 is alot and without any debts from my ADN I was hesitant to take on this amount. However I compared chamberlain with many other programs (local and online) and chamberlain was the shortest program and considering the costs, time involvment and courses required of other programs cost pretty much evened out for me, so why not finish in a year with a school that I had a difficult time finding negative reviews on

    and I did not receive any grants, just loans. (not exactly sure what the government nursing education grant is though)
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    CONGRATULATIONS, Quiet_One!!!!
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    I started in the Chamberlain BSN program in April.After I did 2 semester's they notified me that I needed to take 3 math courses,even though I have had college algebra.This was wrong,that means more money.When they sent me my program requirements,this part conveniently left out.Now this semester they have changed the grading scale,no longer is logging on to class 2 times for each thread ok,basically,to get a good grade,you better log in at least 5 days a week,with substantial postings.Also,even if you follow the assignment when writing papers,they come back and say you did not do this or that,slash your paper & grade,and when you go back and look at the assignment it did not say you needed this & that in the paper.The program is a lot more time consuming than they tell you upon enrollment,and deceit does not set well with me.I was able to prove that I was not told about the math courses,but their response was "oh,well".
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    Has anyone else found this to be true?

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