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by MVgal

I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out there has any new information... Read More

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    Good for you!! How's everyone else doing? Do they make you go to graduation?
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    No one can "make" anyone go to their graduation. They mail you your diploma.
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    Hello everyone. It seems like nobody has posted for this year 2012. I am going to start the RN to BSN in July and I'm quite nervous though excited. I've done one online course which is more than a decade ago and that was a general education course so I'm a little skeptical about this. But based on the reviews, I read more on the good side than the bad so that eases my anxiety a little bit. Any recommendations and suggestions for this program will be very helpful. I have to work full time and have my two little children so that will really leave me with a full hand of work. Thanks and God bless us all!
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    ardz_c - you can do this so don't get yourself too worked up!!! I am halfway through the program and I also work fulltime and have two children. I have found that I am more organized and overall have it together moreso than when I work less and don't have so much going on! I find that the nursing courses are easy, interesting and require you to do a little bit of research, but for the most part make you THINK about nursing in general. The general ed courses, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and tedious. I have enjoyed a couple of them, but I tend to find them more of a pain in the butt than anything! I just finished up Math 114 and I found it to be the most time-consuming of the gen ed classes so far. I have taken two courses at each 8-week session, and kind of wish I would have snuck a third one in there somewhere. Don't worry, you will be just fine and you will find that the majority of your classmates have very busy lives also. Hats off to you, congrats for going for your BSN, and enjoy the ride!!! You will do just great!! Let me know if you have any questions....
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    Wow I admire you guys that can get school done with so many other commitments. I try to stay in shape and I've found it so hard just to keep some workouts up, work part time, and take care of my two toddlers! With toddlers it's like there's never a moment to yourself so writing papers and stuff I have to leave the house and go to the library just to get it done. I usually take one class but took two this past session but it almost killed me! How do you do it with children as well? I find that by the time I get them in bed at 8:00 pm I am so exhausted that I can't even think, LOL! (they wake up at 5am so it's a long day!) so I end up doing almost all my school work on the weekends when hubs is home and can help me. But still trying to do laundry, workout, clean the house, run errands, grocery shop, see family, etc, hard to find balance. Any tips you guys are finding successful?

    As far as the school goes, I am starting my first gen ed coming up, SOC 350 or whatever it is. Nervous about the Devry thing. I'd like to take two classes but can only take 3 a semester due to financial aid (I'm not getting tuition reimbursement-ugghh) so taking SOC alone is OK. Like previously mentioned, the nursing classes are easy and interesting, just time consuming but less so than I have heard the gen ed courses are. I love how the nursing courses make you think and research but I hate how I have no time to read more than the bare minimum! I don't even do the reading, I just barely get the threads and assignments done! I would love to have more time to read all those journal articles LOL, wouldn't we all?

    Don't be nervous at all about starting. The hardest part about your first class is getting to know the system. You may feel overwhelmed with all the info. I totally panicked as to whether I could do it initially. Just do your postings and assignments and ignore everything else if you have to to get the job done. When I first started I was trying to read everything in every tab and all the other discussion posts...make it easy on yourself and you'll do great!