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I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out there has any new information... Read More

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    I'm starting RN to BSN on Monday Oct,24, not sure if I have to do my 1st nursing class along with Diversity class, or just start worming up with only one nursing class, waiting for you to advise
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    The good news about Chamberlain online is that if you are unhappy with a grade you get on a paper, all you have to do is request a "blind reviewer" and they have to honor your request and you get the better of the two grades between the instructor and the blind reviewer. I think that rocks. What I do is always ask my instructor to preview my papers before the deadline. It allows me to improve my paper before I have to submit it.
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    For most of you who started today and is taking Transitions, please let me know cause I am starting as well and would be nice to have people to talk to about the class with
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    I am starting Transitions today as well. I am so happy that there will be others to share the experience.
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    Hi, I also started Transition today and Socs 350, really looking forward to working with everyone .
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    How are classes everyone?
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    Is anybody working with a great academic advisor you want to recommend? Do they give you a certain person to work with throughout the program? or just whoever happen to be there??
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    Hi classes are going well so far, just getting organized for the work ahead.
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    Hi I worked with Liz, she is great, her #630-458-8513. I hope she will be able to help.
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    Anyone going to the graduation in St. Louis in June?