Cost of BSN

  1. How much money can I expect the RN to BSN online program to be?? Ball park.

    Also - I'm checking on their website and it shows which nursing courses are required - but where is the course list that you also have to complete for admission? Trying to figure out how long it would take me to finish. I have contacted an admission advisor just waiting to hear back. I've heard great things about this place so i'm really looking into it.. I want to start ASAP!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I'm attaching what they used for me (with key bits marked out), but that was 2008 so things might have changed. However, this should give you a general idea. Once you figure out how many credits you need, you can use the tuition and fees page (Tuition and Fees) to calculate your tuition. I loved Chamberlain's program.

  4. by   mgalano
    Thank you for that info - an advisor called me back and told me it could be anywhere from 18,000-27,000 depending on what liberal arts classes I need. Is that a normal price for a BSN?
  5. by   Heavenly4505
    I've heard of some a lot cheaper than that. But I've heard of some that are more expensive, too.
  6. by   mgalano
    Thanks - I've taken a million classes at a Community College but of course.. not one history or stats or economics. So i'm afraid ill need to take a lot of their liberal arts classes, therefore increasing the overall price. But you can get it done so quick and this place has great reviews!! ah... what to do... They call me tonight with my fasfa and transcript info so we will see.
  7. by   Kdrenee
    you can CLEP alot of those classes if you think that is something you would like to do. Cheaper, and saves a lot of time.

    I am going to the Houston camus, and this I will be CLEPing as many classes as possible!
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    I had 206 credits going in to my BSN, so I only had Econ and the upper-level sociology to do. I do recommend discussing CLEP as an option with the Chamberlain advisors to decrease your costs. There are less expensive options out there, for sure -- check your state universities just to see what they have. Good luck!!
  9. by   mgalano
    LunahRN - When I was talking to the advisor on the phone I asked him.. if I needed some of the liberal arts courses could I just take them at my local CC to save money. He said he doesn't not recommend that because they would not know if it would transfer until after I am done with them. I figured he just has to say that to try to get me to just take them there.

    Also with the CLEP testing...I would not pass a test on stats or economics.. I have no exposure to those classes at all lol so I don't think that is an option.