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Hi everyone I will be dooing the RN to BSN online with chamberlain starting Jan. 2013. My first two classes are SOCS 350 Cultural Diversity and NR 351 Transitions in Professional Nursing. If you... Read More

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    Hi, I am taking Diversity in the professions right now. I am trying to figure out what to take this summer as I want to take 2 classes per session. I am a school nurse and have much more free time during the summers. What classes work well together?

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    Hello!!! I'm trying to take as many prerequisites as possible before I apply. Can someone tell me for Economics if I need micro/macro economics? I'm going to take it from my community college this summer. Any help would be great congrats to all the newbies!!!
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    Jayre88 how was yr stats class??
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    Ugggh, stats sucks! If you can take it alone...DO! I only have EBP and capstone left out of the whole program and stats was by far the hardest, FYI.
    Devry classes are usually more intense.
    Chamberlain classes...if you can write you are golden.
    Anyone take EBP and Capstone together. I really want to but I am so tired from Stats, LOL......
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    I don't have to take stats but am dreading economics
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    I'm taking Econ, Stats and Ethics this summer to get them out if the way before I apply. I really hope to get into the September class.
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    Quote from roseonye
    I don't have to take stats but am dreading economics
    I dreaded Econ, too. I felt like an idiot the first couple of weeks, it was like learning a foreign language. But just keep up with the reading and you'll be fine! I enjoyed Econ, overall. Good luck! :-)
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    Hello everyone I am in the process of signing up with Chamberlain online RN to BSN. Looking to start May 6th. I did my LPN to AD RN through Excelsior and graduated in 2006. I was going to do it through Excelsior and then one of my colleagues told me about Chamberlain. I never had to write papers with excelsior, it was multi choice testing and then the Clinical weekend. What computer do you use and can you use an Ipad for writing papers? I have a HP windows 8 but don't like it, probably because I am not use to it. I also read somewhere abut getting the PERRLA program? any advice would be appreciated. I am excited and nervous to begin my journey.
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    I didn't get the peerla but cite fast or son of citation. Its pretty much paper and post. Its not hard because you get used to it. I have 6 classes left out 10
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    Don't be nervous at all. You do get used to it quick. That said, PERRLA will make your life A LOT easier so fork out and get it.
    I don't know if I'd be excited about using an IPAD to write my papers, LOL but I guess you could. I have a laptop.

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