Chamberlain dropped NLNAC Accreditation - page 2

Today, Chamberlain announced that they have dropped NLNAC accreditation and are solely CCNE and HLC accredited. What implications does this have for future employment and/or graduate or higher... Read More

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    The State is the accrediting body for all schools in their state. The can substitute a state inspection to reduce costs; but, it is the state that provides accreditation. CCNE is for colleges or schools that offer BS or higher programs. Read the state board of nursing rules. It covers education. NLNAC us a bunch of nurses who think education should be structured a certain way. Comply and you will be certified. It doesn't decide testing for NCLEX.

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    Your knowledge is not very strong. State boards are the accrediting bodies for all nursing programs. They just accept the NLNAC and CNE certification in lew of their own. It is like Joint Commission; A hospital still is authorized to operate but to accept medicare and medicaid the government would have to do an inspection. But if you have joint commission they would substitute it for their review. Think before your speak.

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