Chamberlain College of nursing - graduation rate?

  1. okay, so I was just filling out my fafsa for chamberlain, and I noticed that the graduation rate is ONLY 11%?!?!?!?! This is a huuuuuuuuuuge concern to me now... Anyone know why?
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  3. by   leenak
    I'm guessing Chamberlain is a for-profit schools? For-profit schools don't really care if you graduate or not, as long as they get their money. An 11% graduation rate is a really bad sign. I'm guessing they are trying to keep their NCLEX rates up therefore they don't graduate students who they don't believe will pass the NCLEX. This actually reflects poorly on the school because the school should be set up to teach you the skills you need and the ability to pass the NCLEX. I know someone else mentioned that their school will only graduate students who pass some sort of NCLEX review test. So someone could spend 2 years and lots of money going to a school only to find out they can't pass and their classes won't transfer anywhere. If I were you, I'd look for another school if that is the school you plan to attend.
  4. by   Shinnichi
    Please, I'd like to beg you not to commit to Chamberlain. DeVry University, Inc. purchased them; they are for-profit. In fact, my local DeVry just took the second floor of their university building and converted it for the new Chamberlain program. It is disgustingly expensive. For-profits insitutitions like that no longer have that "edge" niche they used to, wherein they offered night, weekend classes; many regular private and public schools offer these options now.

    Don't make the mistake I made... I attended DeVry for 2 1/2 years for $30k for an ASSOCIATE accounting program that was 6 months longer than intially told... and with nothing more learned than what high school accounting taught me years prior.

    Have you exhausted all possible options? Are there no schools within a 30 mile radius that offers nursing? What leenak said was true, Chamberlain (and their parent DeVry, Inc.) do not give one iota whether you finish, have to rack up loans, or if you sign up and skip classes. So long as the check clears,...

    (ps- I couldn't THINK fast enough to reply this to you! The moment I saw Chamberlain, I mentally screamed, " NOOOOOOO!!!!!!")
  5. by   lifelearningrn
    Run away! Think about the 89% of people who didn't graduate, likely don't have a good job, and have a tens of thousands of dollars in debt, for nothing..
  6. by   pamski0069
    None of you have any experiance with the college? I really have heard great things, obviously not just from the school but local health care facilities. I think this might be an error.. On the nursing registery there NCLEX pass rate is a 97%, something is not exactly adding up to me..
  7. by   leenak
    A high NCLEX rate doesn't necessarily mean it's a good school. I'd suggest you talk to the school about their low graduation rate. As I said, I'm guessing they have an artificially elevated NCLEX rate because they only graduate those that they think have a chance of passing the NCLEX. If only 11% of students are graduating, I'd look elsewhere. What happens if you are in the 89%?

    The schools I'm looking at have a high NCLEX pass rate and a high graduation rate. Meaning most people that start the program will finish as a registered nurse.
  8. by   suzy5534
    I just completed my RN to BSN at Chamberlain and feel as though it was a good experience.  It took me about 1 1/2 years and would have been less if I had listened and taken my math/statistics classes from the beginning.  The courses and workload were exactly what they advised and promised. I'm surprised the graduation rate is so low and maybe it is because they are for profit and don't turn away those who aren't academically prepared or ready for the program.  For the online RN to BSN program if you're not a strong writer you'll struggle.
  9. by   HammockBound
    I found a link one day that had all the schools by state and the number of students that passed the NCLEX (i believe) ...It is a great place to start. Some programs have 100% passing rate and others have a 30% passing rate. Huge difference...and worth finding before you register for a specific school! I wish I had it but Im sure you can do a search and look it up.
  10. by   gummi bear
    Please be aware of for profit schools creating user accounts on this site for the sole purpose of promoting their school. I noticed this over a year ago when I first started coming to this site, and I would see users that only responded to posts in relation to certain for profit schools. Do your own research, and make your own decisions. Just warning you
  11. by   stephanne
    I've heard not good things about this school. I would def look into other options.

    Here in Chicago it's not a preferred school, although popular, some of my nursing friends told me employers are weary of chamberlain.
  12. by   Medic2RN
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  13. by   Steph120
    On their website, I see the reported graduation rate for all new full-time students (including transfers) is 76%. It's under the Student Consumer Info link on their home page. Where did you hear it was 11%?
  14. by   Pixie.RN
    I did my RN-BSN through Chamberlain and I loved it. I can guarantee that I'm not a fake student who actually works for the college.