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  1. This is a great thread, and I love that the OP posted follow up info! I'm bookmarking this as well, and I'm buying the Critical Thinking book as I post this. And though I won't start nursing school for a few more months, I'll be buying the Saunders book soon, too. :) Thanks-- to all of you-- for giving advice and sharing experiences to help those who have yet to enter nursing school. I hope to do the same in kind.
  2. Shinnichi

    Coming Out of the Darkness

    This was me. Exactly. Completely. Only difference is that my baby was born in 2009, but the OB and relatives were the same. It wasn't until I failed 2 semesters of school and passed out 4 different times from dehydration/nourishment that I was able to get the help I really needed. ...I loved the article. Wonderful. Thank you for writing it.
  3. Shinnichi

    LPNs Often Fare Better Than Some Degree Earners

    This makes me wonder.... I'm still trying to complete the pre-reqs for the RN path. Each semester brings a new struggle with financial aid and a never-ending road of delays. I looked up the pre-req requirements for the LPN path and honestly I'm just as close to qualifying for that program as I am for the RN. The LPN program isn't as long as the RN program,... just makes me wonder :/ ....
  4. Shinnichi

    How Do I Toughen Up At Work? Part 1

    ^_^ Thank you so much. I may just be a pre-nursing student still, but any advice to strengthen my skin and any tools given for me to start my career are much appreciated.